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Door stickers

Door stickers Stickers are printed in vivid 1440 dpi high-resolution with eco-friendly inks; these latex inks are colourfast and water and weather (UV) resistant.

The stickers can be used for laminating laptops, refrigerators, tables, walls and many other objects. Let your imagination run wild, create unique decorations.

Photo stickers are printed on a 6-colour printer with eco-friendly inks.
High quality, thanks to our HP latex 360.

Made-to-measure, competitively priced, top quality and up to 149 cm wide with unlimited length; Stickers by Nikkel-art.co.uk
Stickers are available on 5 types of material:


Door sticker Deco stickers for a flat surface such as smooth walls, cabinets, doors, tables, desks, laptops, refrigerators etc. Available made-to-measure.

Perfect as Decorative stickers, Interior stickers, Fridge stickers, Table stickers, Wall stickers, Wall stickers for child’s bedroom, Wall stickers for bedroom, Door stickers, Laptop stickers, Kitchen stickers, Ceiling stickers, etc.
Laminating stickers extends the life of the colour and protects against scratches.

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Magnet stickers

magnet stickers Stickers with a magnet on the back. Ideal for decorating metal surfaces such as fridges without sticking.
Available made-to-measure.

Window stickers: FrontStick Sticker

FrontStick Sticker Face adhesive stickers are stuck on the inside of a window. This means that the glue is on the print side instead of on the back. The images on these stickers are visible only from the outside.
Available made-to-measure.

Window stickers: Stained glass sticker

Stained glass sticker This is transparent film which, when stuck on glass or plexiglas, gives the effect of stained glass. The white part of the image is not printed, so white areas of the image are transparent. The images on these stickers are visible from the inside and outside. The colours are slightly less opaque than those on a sticker with a white background. Perfect for decorating glass.
Available made-to-measure.

Our e-store has all the accessories needed for pasting stickers, such as squeegees, rollers, and knives.
Laptop stickers, wall stickers, fridge stickers, office stickers, cabinet stickers, door stickers and furniture stickers are among the popular stickers from Nikkel-art.co.uk

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