We recommend applying the self adhesive wall mural with 2 people.

  • degreaser
  • pencil
  • spirit level
  • felt squeegee


Correct preparation
Incorrect preparation

Quality check:
Unroll your self adhesive wall mural on a clean and dry surface with the printed side facing up to ensure it is in good condition. Check for printing or manufacturing defects, such as discolourations, deformations or alignments errors.

Prepare the surface:
The surface must be dry, smooth and free from dust. Any imperfections will be visible underneath so make sure to repair them before applying the self adhesive wall mural. Remove skirting boards, nails, switches and sockets and clean the wall with a degreaser.


Step 1

1. Use a spirit level to mark a straight vertical line on the wall and line up your self adhesive wall mural.

Step 2

2. Always start from the left when applying your self adhesive wall mural. Make sure to follow the correct order in case your photo consists of different parts.

Step 3

3. Peel off the protective film for about 30 cm and place it on the wall while a second person smooths out the surface with a felt squeegee by gently pushing out any air bubbles to the edge. After this, peel off the protective film a little more and carefully pull the wall mural tight while repeating the above method.

Step 4

4. Note that there is an overlap of 8 mm if your self adhesive wall mural consists of different parts. Apply the second strip 8 mm over the previously applied strip to ensure the pattern matches up.


Final effect

*** Please note that our prints are only partly resistant to mechanical wear and tear. Nikkel Art guarantees product quality, but doesn’t control the circumstances and way its products are used. Nikkel Art cannot be held accountable for the work of the designer and executor.