How to measure my kitchen splashback?

We recommend measuring the width and height of your kitchen splashback in different places in order to achieve the best possible end result. Take the smallest size and deduct 4 mm. Any gaps can be filled with a heat resistant silicon sealant.

For example: If the smallest measured height is 120 cm, order a splashback of 120 cm - 4 mm = 119,6 cm.

In case you wish to add cut-outs, such as sockets for example, please send us a detailed sketch on which you note down all the dimensions. This includes the exact location where the cut-out should be, as well as the dimensions of the cut-out itself.


Measure the width and height in different places. Take the smallest size and deduct 4 mm. .


Send us a detailed sketch of the cut-outs.


Note down the dimensions and exact location of the cut-outs.


Wait for your customized kitchen splashback to arrive!