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Looking for a trendy and comfortable backpack? Go for a drawstring backpack with a nice photo or pattern of your choice! View the varied selection of photos and patterns and choose your favorite to have printed on a drawstring backpack.

  • Fashionable accessory and easy to use
  • Two sizes: 34 x 42 cm for adults and 26 x 32 for children
  • Adjustable drawstring closure
  • Sturdy fabric with shiny look
  • Durable for everyday use
  • Handmade from 100% recycled polyester
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  • Enjoy 25% OFF (already deducted)
  • From 15.3 £
Looking for a trendy and comfortable backpack? Go for a drawstring backpack with a nice photo or pattern of your choice! View the varied selection of photos and patterns and choose your favorite to have printed on a drawstring backpack.

At Nikkel Art we have drawstring backpacks for kids and adults in all kinds of different colours, pictures and patterns. A drawstring backpack is a great accessory and the best way to easily store and carry your personal items. Not during walks or travel, but also during daily trips to school or to the office. Use it to easily take your drinking bottle and towel to the gym, or your lunch and personal items to work.

Your backpack is made of 100% recycled polyester, a sturdy and high-quality fabric that you can easily wash in the washing machine and that can withstand some weight. Choose from two popular sizes: one of 34 x 42 cm for adults or one of 26 x 32 cm, ideal for kids. The drawstrings of the backpacks are adjustable, so you can make them longer or shorter and let the backpack rest comfortably on your back.

The quality and comfort of your backpack is important, but the eye also wants something. The drawstring backpack is back and very popular. Printed with a trendy photo or a trendy pattern, this backpack completes your outfit. Choose from over 100 million beautiful photos and patterns and further personalize your backpack to your liking. Would you rather have a photo from your own photo collection printed on your backpack? That too is possible! Whatever color or style drawstring backpack you're looking for, you'll find it here.

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  • Trendy small backpack with adjustable shoulder straps and drawstring closure
  • More than 100 million photos and patterns to choose from
  • Nice accessory, comfortable and convenient to use
  • Highest quality glossy polyester fabric
  • 100% recycled materials and eco-friendly ink
  • Choice of 2 sizes: 10 liters for adults, 7 liters for children
  • Washable at 30°C and durable for everyday use

What is a backpack

Need a new backpack? Choose a trendy backpack with photo or pattern

Need a new backpack? Get to know the Nikkel Art backpack range. A fabric drawstring backpack, printed with a fun photo or trendy pattern. Sturdy, lightweight and compact. Read: the type of backpack you want to easily store a few things.

Choose from one of 100 million photos and patterns or personalize the fabric with your own image to create a unique piece that no one else has! You will not find a wider range of quality drawstring backpacks anywhere else.

Two sizes: 7 liters for toddlers and children, 10 liters for adults

Your small backpack is available in two popular sizes: a child size of 26 x 32 cm with a capacity of 7 liters or an adult size of 34 x 42 cm - 10 liters. The children's backpack is a good and sturdy bag for toddlers and small children. Ideal for their sandwiches when they go to school. The 10 liter backpack is a good size for big kids and adults alike. This bag has plenty of room for a wallet, a packed lunch and an A4 notepad.

Whether you're looking for a compact backpack to easily carry a few things with you on a hike, on the way to work, or to the gym; it's all possible with a 10-litre backpack.

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Backpack Adjustable Drawstring Closure

Thanks to the adjustable drawstrings, your backpack hangs super comfortably on your back. Depending on your size, you can make the cords shorter or longer, so that it fits perfectly for you.

Tip: do your shoulders a favor and let your backpack rest on your hips. This is not only better for your shoulders and your back, it also makes carrying your stuff a lot more comfortable. You can wear a backpack with drawstrings in different ways: on your back, but you can also hold it as a bag in your hand or wear it casually over one shoulder.

Highest quality durable backpacks

All backpacks are made from 100% recycled premium fabric with a glossy finish. The black drawstrings are sturdy and comfortable. Thanks to the high-end color printers and the environmentally friendly ink, the photo or pattern of your choice is printed on the fabric with lifelike colors and razor-sharp details.

The fabric is easy to wash in the washing machine at 30°C. So don't worry if you make stains on your backpack, because your washing machine will easily clean the backpack again.

A backpack with drawstrings: a hip accessory on your back

Drawstring backpacks are back and hipper than ever. Everyone knows this backpack from the past, as the popular backpack to put sport gear in for gym class at school. But in recent years, we have seen iconic drawstring backpacks more and more on the streets and in fashion for women, men, boys and girls.

The drawstring backpack is becoming a stylish accessory with a casual and sporty touch, as a nice alternative to the popular shopper or tote bag. The drawstring backpack no longer only accompanies you to the gym, but also to work, school, the store, while hiking or traveling.

A functional backpack for all kinds of activities

Looking for a good small backpack that you can use for different activities? A backpack that is qualitative and lightweight, but which also fits well? Then a drawstring backpack is the right backpack for you. Choose from a size for adults (34 x 42 cm) with a capacity of 10 liters or a size for toddlers and kids (26 x 32 cm) with a capacity of 7 liters. A 10 liter backpack is the best size backpack if you only want to carry a few items and carry it comfortably on your shoulders during all your activities.

A drawstring backpack is the right choice for a day trip to a city, to the beach, or for a walk in the woods. But also for on the road while traveling or just to take food and drinks with you to the gym or to work. For toddlers up to 5 years old, it is best to choose the backpack with a capacity of 7 liters: this is a smaller model and fits perfectly on a child's back.

A backpack top quality and durable for everyday use

Like all other textile products in our range, your backpack is made from 100% recycled polyester material of the highest quality. All textile products from our range are made by hand in our own workshop.

The drawstrings of the backpacks are sturdy and specially designed to put as little strain on your back and shoulders as possible. All backpacks are made of sturdy, light weight material that you can easily wash in the washing machine at 30°. So feel free to let your children go to school every day and romp with it as much as they want.

One type of model, endless variations

At Nikkel Art we don't have different models of backpacks, but one type of model that gives you more than 100 million photos and patterns to choose from to have printed on the fabric. We guarantee you, you won't find a more extensive collection of drawstring backpacks anywhere else. All photos and patterns are created by the best professional designers and photographers and are ideal for printing on a drawstring backpack. Think hip graphic patterns, an elegant, hand-drawn floral motif or patterns in certain colors such as yellow, purple or black.

But a cheerful photo or image from our photo collection is also perfect for printing on the playful shape of a drawstring backpack. Each photo and pattern on our website can be customized in color and size before printing on your backpack. That way you will definitely find the right backpack to please your kids or to complete your outfit.

So much choice! Which drawstring backpack should I choose?

In our offer you will find so many different images and patterns to print on a drawstring backpack, there is a drawstring backpack for every type of person. Can't see the forest for the trees anymore? To help you on your way, we have divided all the photos and patterns for the backpacks into different categories.

Filter your search by typing a word in the search bar at the top of the page. For example, if you enter the color 'pink' in the search bar, you will see no fewer than 13 categories with images and patterns to print on your backpack that have to do with pink; from breathtaking pink photos and images to cheerful patterns with roses.

Do you want to give your new backpack an even more personal look? Then have your own image, photo or pattern printed on a drawstring backpack. Very nice to give as a gift or as promotional material for your company.

Buying a drawstring backpack? You can easily do that online!

Do you want to buy a new backpack that is compact, lightweight and exactly fits your style? Then you can go to the store and hope that you will find one among the limited range of backpacks and bags that meets those requirements.

Or you can simply order a new drawstring backpack online! Much more choice and much less hassle. Browse through the different categories of backpacks or filter your search by a specific theme, and choose a backpack with a photo or pattern that suits you perfectly.

Found one? Then click on the image, choose the backpack size, adjust the photo or pattern if desired, and click on 'add to cart' to continue ordering. Order placed? Then you will receive your new backpack at your home within a few days. If you have any questions or doubts, you can contact us every day by phone or email. Convenient, right?