• 1980 or 2021? Memphis wallpaper is making its comeback
    1980 or 2021? Memphis wallpaper is making its comeback

    The 80s are back! Memphis style wallpaper is making its comeback and the timing is absolutely perfect. Given the current circumstances, we can all use an extra dose of optimism, right? Well, that’s exactly what the Memphis style is all about. Its bright colours and playful patterns instantly give your interior a cheerful twist. Just what we need during these dark winter days. The Memphis style made his appearance in the eighties as a counter reaction to the rigid rules of modernism. The...

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  • Pregnancy and newborn canvas prints
    Pregnancy and newborn canvas prints

    Pregnancy is a special and exciting experience for future mums. A new life is growing inside of you, your body is changing and you’re starting to realise your life will never be the same again. Many mothers choose to capture this extraordinary experience on camera with a pregnancy photo shoot. During your pregnancy you have a lot of things on your mind: decorating the baby’s room, designing a birth announcement card, picking out baby clothes… How great would it be to look back at this special...

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  • Trend-turned-classic: Scandinavian wallpaper
    Trend-turned-classic: Scandinavian wallpaper

    What once started as a trend has now become a true classic. Scandinavian wallpaper has been dominating the list of best-selling wallpaper for years now, and it’s not likely this is going to change any time soon. The Scandinavian style is associated with coziness, harmony and serenity. In short, exactly the atmosphere you have in mind when you think of home.

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  • Deco trend: minimalist posters
    Deco trend: minimalist posters

    Decorate a modern interior? Opt for minimalist framed posters. The ultimate combination of a sleek look and homy atmosphere. Minimalist art is often referred to as ‘less is more’. Think abstract shapes, clean lines and a subdued colour scheme. Minimalist posters declutter your interior and mind. Exactly the kind of relaxation you’re craving when coming home after a busy day at work.

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  • Photographer in the spotlight: Jaime Ibarra on acrylic
    Photographer in the spotlight: Jaime Ibarra on acrylic

    Decorate your home with a unique artwork by Jaime Ibarra on acrylic. The Spanish art photographer is known for his colourful compositions and vivid imagination. Thanks to the clever use of light and shadow, and expressive models, his artworks radiate a strong sense of dynamism and intensity. Jaime Ibarra’s photography is therefore very popular among art lovers that like to elevate their interior with a mysterious touch.

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  • Welcome spring: 8 x garden posters
    Welcome spring: 8 x garden posters

    Spring is slowly approaching, time to take care of your garden! Make your terrace springtime-ready with a beautiful garden poster. Choose a photo from our online catalog and have it printed in a size of your choice. Perfect to brighten up that wooden fence or blind wall. So you can soon enjoy those first rays of sunshine in style.

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  • Create a relaxing atmosphere with a bathroom splashback
    Create a relaxing atmosphere with a bathroom splashback

    Do you enjoy spending time in the bathroom? Take your spa routine to the next level with a customized bathroom photo splashback. The perfect way to create a cosy atmosphere and protect your walls from water splashes. Along the bathtub, in the shower or behind the sink? Order a bathroom photo splashback tailored to your interior. With professionally finished cut-outs for fittings and power sockets.

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  • Top 7 wallpaper trends for 2021
    Top 7 wallpaper trends for 2021

    Whereas until recently we massively opted for white walls, 2021 will be the year when wallpapers make their definitive comeback. Whether you like a rustic or modern interior, in our extensive collection of wallpapers you're guaranteed to find a motif that suits your unique style. Discover the new wallpaper trends for 2021 below.

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  • Valentine gift tips
    Valentine gift tips

    February 14th is coming up and that means only one thing: Valentine’s Day! Do you already know how you are going to surprise your loved one? We do. With an original photo gift. We listed our favourite Valentine gift ideas for you below. The only thing you need to do, is choose. And chilling a bottle of champagne, of course.

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  • Printed roller blinds for any interior
    Printed roller blinds for any interior

    Printed roller blinds are an original way to personalize your interior. In our extensive photo catalogue you will definitely find a pattern or picture that suits your taste and style. Want to make it even more personal? Order printed roller blinds with your own photo. Would you like to spread one photo across multiple roller blinds? That’s possible too! From translucent to blackout roller blinds, we have the perfect photo blinds for any room. Our customized printed roller blinds can be...

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  • How to decorate the kitchen?
    How to decorate the kitchen?
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    The kitchen remains first and foremost a practical space. But that doesn't mean it can’t be filled with decoration. In our wide assortment of wall decorations you will find everything you need to transform your kitchen into a cosy hangout spot. Our printed kitchen splashbacks are definitely worth checking out. Not only do they create an inviting atmosphere, they also protect the wall behind your kitchen counter against water and grease. A win-win situation!

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  • How to decorate the dining room?
    How to decorate the dining room?

    If there’s one room in the house that should be cosy, it’s the dining room. The place where the whole family gathers around the table to enjoy a comforting meal and discuss the events of the day. “How to decorate the dining room?” we hear you ask. After all, there’s no use in decorating the table with delicate objects that do little more than stand in your way. So what’s the alternative? Wall decoration! Instant mood lifters that hardly take up any space: the perfect way to decorate your...

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