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The photo glass splashback versus wall tiles

The photo glass splashback versus wall tiles

Most kitchens have wall tiles behind the stove. These tiles are often placed to the rear wall of the stove to protect from stains. When you are cooking, sometimes the splashes get on the wall behind the stove and this will cause ugly spots. By placing tiles on the wall, you stop that your wall gets damaged this way.

The wall tiles are very practical, but often many people find the tiles in the kitchen not pretty. Don´t you like wall tiles on the wall in the kitchen, but do you want to protect your wall from stains of the stove? Then you can also choose to have a Splashbacks for kitchens placed in your kitchen.

kitchen splashbacks

The benefits of a kitchen splashbacks with pictures

A kitchen photo rear panel is a glass plate where a high quality photo is placed behind. You can choose which image you want under the glass plate on your wall in the kitchen.
There are also benefits to the printing of a kitchen photo glass back wall.

The main advantages of this variant of the standard tiles in the kitchen, are the following:
- You can choose which image is behind the printed splashback and the kind of atmosphere you want in your kitchen.
- You can also take a photo from your own collection behind the kitchen splashbacks with pictures for a personal touch.
- The photo behind the printed kitchen splashbacks is printed with the best printers and therefore always clear.
- The wall behind the stove is fully protected against splashes or stains
- The kitchen splashbacks pictures is easy to clean with a wet cloth or soapy water
- The printed glass splashback is resistant to heat and therefore perfectly to place behind a (hot) stove

Printed kitchen splashbacks

Beside this, a printed splashback is not that expensive and definately a unique enrichment for your kitchen.

Are you convinced of the benefits of the kitchen picture glass wall? Enrich your kitchen with this unique and very practical wall for the stove. View the range images of Nikkel-art.co.uk to find your favorite picture or choose a photo from your own collection.

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