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Acrylic or Aluminum? These are the differences!

Acrylic or Aluminum? These are the differences!

The acrylic can be compared to effective glass, which is essentially a cheaper alternative to the glass.

Print on the back

Acrylic is printed on the back of the material, giving the image depth. We print acrylic in full color and then cover the print with white color so that the image acquires vivid colors. Acrylic itself is glossy, which means that the image shines in every room.

Plexiglas 1

Plexiglas 2

With white top layer or brushed

Aluminum is available from us with a white top layer or as brushed. With both the white color will not be printed. This is because the white aluminum already has a white top layer and with brushed aluminum the brushed effect will then remain visible. Because this remains visible, your photo will get a truly unique appearance, making it look very lively and really stand out.

Wit Aluminium

Geborsteld Aluminium

Matter of taste

Both are of excellent quality, and such a thing is of course very personal. It also depends on what you want to use it for. In which room you should place this and which efect do you want. We print plexiglass and aluminum with photographic quality on a 7-color large format printer from Swissqprint.

Below we present a short film from the production of acrylic and aluminum.

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