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  • Baby born? Put a birth sign in your garden
    Baby born? Put a birth sign in your garden

    Proud parents of a little miracle? You probably want to shout it out. Let the world know that your little baby is born by placing a birth sign in your garden. You can find original birth signs for boys, girls and twins. The pink sign with unicorns and sweet kittens, are very popular for the girls. With the boys, the most chosen ones are blue with a teddy bear or a cute little owl. You prefer something gender neutral? You will definitely find something to your taste with our birth signs.

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  • A throwback to 2020
    A throwback to 2020

    For most, 2020 was a year to forget as soon as possible. Although it has been a special year for us, we still remember the many highlights. Because we were all forced to stay at home more often, we found that in addition to the inconveniences, there were also nice sides to the staycation story. We rediscovered what really matters: our family, our friends, a warm place to come home to. We have known the latter for some time, of course. But now that we suddenly had plenty of time and could not...

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