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  • Exclusive at Nikkel Art: Gloss Editions
    Exclusive at Nikkel Art: Gloss Editions

    You definitely know them, those 13-in-a-dozen kind of paintings, which everybody has already. You are horrified by the idea? Then our Gloss Editions is definitely something for you. This exclusive collection uses an innovative high gloss technique, which was especially developed and perfected by us. A Benelux first!

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  • A throwback to 2020
    A throwback to 2020

    For most, 2020 was a year to forget as soon as possible. Although it has been a special year for us, we still remember the many highlights. Because we were all forced to stay at home more often, we found that in addition to the inconveniences, there were also nice sides to the staycation story. We rediscovered what really matters: our family, our friends, a warm place to come home to. We have known the latter for some time, of course. But now that we suddenly had plenty of time and could not...

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