• The biggest wallpaper trends for 2022
    The biggest wallpaper trends for 2022

    The wallpaper trend has been on the rise for several years now and it will not disappear in the coming years. There is nothing easier to quickly give your interior a completely new look. With non-woven wallpaper you apply the glue directly to the wall and you can immediately start applying.

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  • Decorate your interior with unique horoscope images
    Decorate your interior with unique horoscope images

    If you are interested in astrology and love to read about zodiac signs, why not incorporate this theme into your home decor? From abstract zodiac illustrations to magical photos of constellations in space, zodiac photo decorations are ideal if you want to make your home feel more personal.

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  • Interior design statement: wallpaper with animal prints
    Interior design statement: wallpaper with animal prints

    Animals are making a comeback in the interior, a trend we are only too happy to embrace. A cowhide as a rug, decorative pillows with an animal print, a decorative figurine of a monkey or a parrot... they immediately give your interior a stylish playful look.

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  • This is the difference between self-adhesive and non-woven wall murals
    This is the difference between self-adhesive and non-woven wall murals

    No two people are the same, so why should our interiors be? Create a home that reflects your personality with custom wall murals. That can be a soothing natural landscape, but just as well an artistic portrait or bombastic flower pattern; anything that...

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  • Decorating inspo: ethnic wallpapers
    Decorating inspo: ethnic wallpapers

    Turn your home into a cozy retreat with ethnic wallpaper. Universal prints that survive trends and time. Colorful patterns with worldly allure. Rich prints that make an impact. Ethnic wallpapers are a modest investment with maximum return. Because one decorative wall is all you need to...

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  • Teenage room decoration tips
    Teenage room decoration tips

    Young people like to be in their room. A place where they can isolate themselves from the rest of the world after school. As a parent, you naturally want your teen to feel good in his or her own place. How can you help them? By furnishing the teenage room in such a way that it fits in with their reality. Unlike children, adolescents often have strong opinions about how they want to furnish their bedroom. Check in with them about their hobbies and interests. Is your big girl a cool skater...

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  • Spruce up your house with color blocking
    Spruce up your house with color blocking

    Color blocking – combining different bright colors into one daring whole – originated on the catwalk, but you can now also see it appearing in all kinds of trendy interior magazines. This often used decoration technique uses contrasting areas of color to give a look extra power. Mind you, color blocking is not a trend for wallflowers. For a successful end result you have to throw all caution overboard. Color blocking works best when you go all the way. Unexpected color combinations such as...

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  • Interior trend: floral wallpaper
    Interior trend: floral wallpaper

    Nostalgia with a modern twist. The typical floral wallpapers from grandmother's time are completely hip again. And we are only too happy to jump on the bandwagon for this new trend. Although, we can hardly call it a real trend. No print is as timeless and versatile as floral wallpaper. We really can't think of any place where floral prints would be out of place. And that's a good thing! Given the huge range of floral wallpapers it becomes difficult to choose just one. Floral prints are now...

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  • 3 deco tips for an inspiring home office
    3 deco tips for an inspiring home office

    Over the past few months, we have all discovered the benefits of working from home. Many companies have quickly adapted to the new reality and will continue to focus on teleworking in the future. So it's high time to take care of your desk space. An attractive workplace is indispensable to be able to work efficiently. A comfortable desk chair and a good WiFi connection are of course a must, but don't forget the furnishings either. With some wallpapers or a beautiful painting, your office will...

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  • Creative with wall decoration: circle wall murals
    Creative with wall decoration: circle wall murals

    Circle wall papers are the latest hype in contemporary interiors. Ideal for giving a room a completely new look without too much effort. No messing with wallpaper glue; our wallpaper circles have a self-adhesive layer so that you can easily stick them to the wall. The only thing you need to do in preparation is ...

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  • Spotlight on: polka dot wallpaper
    Spotlight on: polka dot wallpaper

    Interior trends come and go, but polka dot wallpaper is here to stay. With  polka dots you can do anything. Funky polka dot wallpaper for the nursery or black-and-white polka dot wallpaper in the kitchen, thanks to the wide range of styles you can decorate any room in the house with style. Abstract modern or with an artistic touch? Pick a polka dot wallpaper that suits the atmosphere you wish to create. Random polka dot prints for a playful twist, regular prints for a sharp and clean look....

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  • Emoji wallpapers: instant happiness
    Emoji wallpapers: instant happiness

    Decoration doesn't always have to be so serious. The nicest interiors are often just a bit quirky. Dare to take risks and give your walls a playful twist with our emoji wallpapers. So much more original than a classic wallpaper print, but just as stylish. A playful touch that gives your interior a unique character. Too many emojis to choose from? Match your choice to the function of the room you are going to wallpaper. Something delicious for the kitchen, funny smileys in the kids' bedroom…...

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