• Spotlight on: polka dot wallpaper
    Spotlight on: polka dot wallpaper

    Interior trends come and go, but polka dot wallpaper is here to stay. With  polka dots you can do anything. Funky polka dot wallpaper for the nursery or black-and-white polka dot wallpaper in the kitchen, thanks to the wide range of styles you can decorate any room in the house with style. Abstract modern or with an artistic touch? Pick a polka dot wallpaper that suits the atmosphere you wish to create. Random polka dot prints for a playful twist, regular prints for a sharp and clean look....

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  • Vintage glamour: art deco wallpaper
    Vintage glamour: art deco wallpaper

    With our luxurious art deco wallpaper it seems like you have stepped straight into a chic 19th-century loft in New York. With its emphasis on lush colours and geometric shapes it’s the perfect blend of modern and classic style. Be overwhelmed by the opulent look of our wallpaper in art deco style and elevate your interior with a touch of twenties glamour. Gold, black and navy blue take the lead. Rich shades that exude pure luxury, even on small surfaces. Colours are sumptuous, patterns are...

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  • 1980 or 2021? Memphis wallpaper is making its comeback
    1980 or 2021? Memphis wallpaper is making its comeback

    The 80s are back! Memphis style wallpaper is making its comeback and the timing is absolutely perfect. Given the current circumstances, we can all use an extra dose of optimism, right? Well, that’s exactly what the Memphis style is all about. Its bright colours and playful patterns instantly give your interior a cheerful twist. Just what we need during these dark winter days. The Memphis style made his appearance in the eighties as a counter reaction to the rigid rules of modernism. The...

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  • Trend-turned-classic: Scandinavian wallpaper
    Trend-turned-classic: Scandinavian wallpaper

    What once started as a trend has now become a true classic. Scandinavian wallpaper has been dominating the list of best-selling wallpaper for years now, and it’s not likely this is going to change any time soon. The Scandinavian style is associated with coziness, harmony and serenity. In short, exactly the atmosphere you have in mind when you think of home.

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  • Pimp your interior with watercolor leaf print wallpaper
    Pimp your interior with watercolor leaf print wallpaper

    Give your favorite spot in the house the ultimate wow factor with a watercolor leaf print wallpaper. Leaf prints have been a fixture with interior stylists and design enthusiasts for several years, and we can barely keep up with demand. Moreover, there is nothing to indicate that they will lose their bestseller status soon, quite the contrary. Every day there is a new variation to discover. Realistic or abstract. Bombastic or just modest. With leaf print wallpaper you can go all directions....

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  • Top 7 wallpaper trends for 2021
    Top 7 wallpaper trends for 2021

    Whereas until recently we massively opted for white walls, 2021 will be the year when wallpapers make their definitive comeback. Whether you like a rustic or modern interior, in our extensive collection of wallpapers you're guaranteed to find a motif that suits your unique style. Discover the new wallpaper trends for 2021 below.

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  • Jungle fever! Vintage botanical landscape
    Jungle fever! Vintage botanical landscape

    Sometimes you just want to escape the dreary winter weather. Wallpaper with a vintage botanical landscape on your wall will do wonders for you. From small to extra large, these exotic prints will fill your home with positive energy. Vintage botanical landscapes bring different elements together. Tropical plants such as palm trees, hibiscus flowers, monsteras and banana plants are a must. Just like zebras, monkeys, flamingos, giraffes, elephants, toucans, birds of paradise and other jungle...

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  • Trend spotted : wallpaper with avocados
    Trend spotted : wallpaper with avocados

    Forget flowers, if you’re looking for unique and original wallpaper, go for avocados! This exotic fruit is on the rise for a time now, especially in the kitchen. And now interior designers are also making a massive change. We understand this all too well, because avocado wallpaper simply looks great.

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