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Wall decoration with depth? Then choose a glass painting


Paintings on glass

Do you want to hang a unique painting on the wall, so that your interior looks even more stylish? Then you can have a painting on glass made by Nikkel Art. A painting on glass not only looks stylish, but also gives a special atmosphere to your interior. For example, if you have a painting printed with a beautiful image of a forest, the atmosphere of this forest radiates to your interior. This means that your interior suddenly looks much more natural and calming due to the beautiful, natural and soothing image of the forest.

Glazen Schilderij Toucan

Glass Painting Toucan

The benefits of a painting on glass

The painting on glass by Nikkel Art is sold a lot. This is mainly because this photo product has several interesting benefits. The first benefit of a painting on glass is the fact that the photo has a lot of depth due to the printing on the back of the glass.

Another benefit is that the glass cannot be scratched. Also the photo itself cannot be damaged, because it is printed on the back of the glass. And because the glass is of high quality, you can easily clean it without leaving any ugly streaks on the glass. This means that the glass always looks nice.

Finally, you can easily have a painting on glass made to measure. You can order a large painting to hang above the couch or above the bed, but it is of course also possible to have a small painting made on glass. You can, for example, hang this painting in the toilet, in the hall or in the study.

Glazen Schilderij Zebra

Glass Painting Zebra

Have a painting made on glass

Are you convinced of the many benefits of a painting on glass? Then have your own painting made on glass. You do this by first choosing a beautiful photo. This can be a photo from your own collection, but it can also be a photo from Nikkel Art. We have over 100 million photos in our photo collection, so you can always find a photo that you like and that matches your interior.

If you have chosen a photo, then choose the correct size for your painting. Now you can have your painting printed. Because we always work quickly, you will receive your painting on glass in no time. Before you know it, your beautiful glass painting hangs on your wall.

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