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5 Tips and ideas for a photo print on canvas


Have you made a beautiful holiday photo, have you been to the family photographer to have a nice family portrait made or have you shot a beautiful photo of your four-legged friend? Then why not have it printed on canvas? Your favorite photo really stands out as a canvas print.

Photo on Canvas Beach

Photo on Canvas Beach

We are happy to help you have a beautiful photo printed on canvas. We do this by giving you some nice ideas for a photo on canvas and giving you some practical tips for printing your photo.

Great ideas for a photo on canvas

You choose yourself which photo you want printed on canvas. We would like to give you some nice ideas for your photo on canvas:

• A nice photo of the family. Made by a professional photographer or just on holiday together, during a day out and so on.

• A nice holiday photo. Think of a photo of a nice view on vacation, or a city that you have visited.

• A photo of your pet. Have you made a nice photo of your dog, your cat, your rabbit or your guinea pig? Then you can also have this photo printed on a canvas.

• A photo of your favorite city. Think of New York, Paris, London, Barcelona or just the city where you live.

• A photo of nature. This can be a photo that you have made yourself, or choose a photo from our extensive database.

Foto op Canvas Londen

Photo on Canvas Londen

As you can see, you can have dozens of beautiful photos printed on canvas. It is therefore not so difficult to order a beautiful photo on canvas at Nikkel Art.