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Decorate your bedroom with wall murals


A peaceful atmosphere is essential for a good night’s sleep. With our Wall murals you can easily transform your bedroom into a relaxing place. For the romantic souls we have an extensive collection of wall murals with floral prints. The dreamy types will be thrilled to discover our wall murals with a pier or cloudy sky. Whatever pattern you prefer, with our beautiful wall murals in bedroom you will sleep like a rose.

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#1 Wall murals Beautiful blue sky background

Wall Murals for Bedroom beautiful blue sky

All used photos can be found in this category: Wall murals for bedroom

#2 Wall murals Blush pink rose

Wallpaper for bedroom peony flowers

#3 Wall murals Sand dunes on the beach at sunset

Wall murals bedroom with beach at sunset
Do you prefer bedroom wall murals with a bolder look? Keep it balanced by sticking to one colour scheme and keep decorative items to a minimum. But don’t let these rules restrict your creativity. After all, the most important thing is that you are happy with the result. Late night talks with your partner or reading a book before going to bed, will be even more enjoyable with beautiful wallpapers. Browse our wall mural inspirations to get started.

#4 Wall murals Minimal elegant seamless

Wallpaper for bedroom minimal faces

#5 Wall murals Minimal elegant seamless

Wall murals for bedroom light and sea

#6 Lily on photo wallpaper

Lily on photo wall murals Bedroom

When we say flower wallpaper, we immediately think of a romantic style, but this lily on photo wallpaper will show you that flower prints can also be exclusive. You want to have a bedroom that radiates pure luxury? Then choose a black and white lily on photo wallpaper.

View the Wall murals Flowers

#7 Photo wallpaper with golden circles

Photo wallpaper for bedroom with golden circles

The head end of the bed offers a numerous of decoration possibilities. This impressive photo wallpaper with golden circles creates an intimate setting and will give your bedroom a unique esthetic attraction. Decide for yourself the density of the pattern.

View the Wall murals Circles

#8 Waterfall on photo wallpaper

Waterfall on photo wallpaper Bedroom

That place where your days starts and also ends. Give the walls in your bedroom just that bit more attention. You are spending the most of your time in there. This enchantingly beautiful waterfall on photo wallpaper will bring a lovely and dreamy atmosphere to the bedroom.

View the Wall murals Waterfalls

#9 Tropical wallpaper

Tropical wallpaper for Bedroom

With a strip of botanical wallpaper as your headboard, you wake up every day in a tropical paradise. Adjust the size of the photo print so it fits exactly on your wall.

View the Wallpapers Tropical

#10 Wallpaper with leaf print

Bedroom Wallpaper with leaf print

This refined leaf print wallpaper looks romantic and luxurious at the same time. The golden accents and soft watercolor tones create a dreamy atmosphere in the bedroom.

View the Wallpapers Plants

#11 Peonies on photo wallpaper

Peonies on photo wall murals Bedroom

There is no such thing as too many flowers. On the contrary: the more, the better! This luscious peonies on photo wallpaper will bring a touch of romance into the bedroom. A minimal furnishing will let the accent wall speak for itself.

View the Wall murals Flowers

#12 Photo wallpaper sea view

Bedroom Photo wall murals with sea view

Waking up at the beach. With this beautiful sea view on a photo wallpaper, you can wake up that way every single day. You can taste the salty sea air and feel the sand tickling at your toes. A striped bedspread and white stained wood elements will complete your nautical holiday feeling.

View the Wall murals Beach

#13 Wallpaper with butterflies

Bedroom Wallpapers with butterflies

This stylish accent wall proves that butterfly prints are not only reserved for the nursery. Perfect for those who like a touch of romance in the bedroom.

View the Wallpapers Retro style

#14 Concrete wallpaper

Concrete wallpaper Bedroom

Fans of the industrial look massively opt for the robust appearance of concrete wallpaper. Combine with metal accessories and a sober color palette for a Pinterest-proof result.

View the Wallpapers Concrete wall

#15 Brooklyn Bridge Photo wallpaper

Brooklyn Bridge Photo wall murals for Bedroom

The Brooklyn Bridge is not just a construction work, it is an architectural gem. Such artwork deserves a prominent place in your interior. Print your Brooklyn Bridge photo wallpaper on a large format to become the most perfect effect.

View the Wall murals Brooklyn Bridge

#16 Tropical wallpaper

Tropical wallpaper Bedroom

Romantic, yet very contemporary. Tropical floral prints and pastel pink are a match made in heaven. Go for a statement wall in the bedroom with this tropical wallpaper.

View the Wallpapers Tropische bloemen

#17 Floral wallpaper

Floral wallpapers Bedroom

As if there is art on your walls. Give your bedroom a hotel-worthy look with this floral wallpaper. Be enchanted by the intense colors and beautiful floral pattern.

View the Wallpapers Flowers

#18 Daisies wallpaper

Daisies wallpaper for Bedroom

Floral wallpaper comes in all shapes and styles. This lovely daisy print in white and pastel green gives your bedroom a refined and relaxing look

View the Wallpapers Floral Prints

#19 Seljalandsfoss waterfall on photo wallpaper

Seljalandsfoss waterfall on photo wallpaper in Bedroom

The land of geysers, glaciers and waterfalls. Iceland is at the top of our wish list for a reason. Do you also want to enjoy its rugged natural beauty at home? With the famous Seljalandsfoss waterfall on photo wallpaper you imagine yourself in the real Iceland.

View the Wall murals Waterfalls

#20 Photo wallpaper hot air balloon

Bedroom Photo wall murals hot air balloon

Literally with your head in the clouds. This stormy scene will bring a spark of drama in the bedroom. Be surprised by the intense colors and lifelike details of this air balloon on photo wallpaper.

View the Wall murals Balloon

#21 Photo wallpaper with poppies

Photo wall murals for Bedroom with poppies

Who would not be happy with this wonderful photo photo wallpaper with poppies? A sweet memory to the careless summer mornings. Monumentalize this magnificent sunset in your bedroom and say bye to your morning mood.

View the Wall murals Poppy

#22 Photo wallpaper lions

Bedroom wall murals with lions

The lion has been crowned king of the jungle and rightly so. Radiating a certain calm and confidence, this photo wallpaper with lions is maybe not the most obvious choice for your bedroom, but definitely one that stands out.

View the Wall murals Lion

#23 Photo wallpaper India

Photo wallpaper Bedroom India

The beautiful nature and wonderfull temples... Be intoxicated by the scents and colours of the mystical India. Decorate the walls of your bedroom with this Indian sunset of photo wallpaper. No better way to wake up in the morning!

View the Wall murals Travel

#24 Wallpaper with dream catchers

Bedroom Wallpaper with dream catchers

An original wallpaper print to enjoy for years to come. With this dream catcher wallpaper you are guaranteed to have a peaceful night. Adjust the size of the pattern as desired.

View the Wallpapers Dream catcher

#25 Wallpaper with feather print

Bedroom Wallpapers with feather print

Bohemian chic takes a little courage, but the result will be worth it. This magnificent feather print wallpaper will instantly catapult your bedroom back to the Golden 60s.

View the Wallpapers Watercolor leaves

#26 Bedroom with Wall Mural Feathers

Bedroom with Wallpaper Feathers

A good night's rest is guaranteed with this beautiful photo wallpaper with feathers.

You can find it in our Wall murals Textures

#27 Wallpaper with gold details

Bedroom Wallpaper with gold details

What a great colour palette! This wallpaper with gold details creates a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. The perfect setting to unwind after a busy day at work.

View the Wallpapers Glamour style

#28 Wallpaper banana leaves

Bedroom Wallpaper banana leaves

Incredible how some wallpaper can completely transform a space. This wallpaper with leaf print transforms an average bedroom into a modern urban jungle. Tip: match the greens with the rest of your interior.

View the Wallpapers Palm trees

#29 Photo wallpaper of a mystic forest

Photo wall murals for bedroom of a mystic forest

Who would like to enjoy the heeling effect of a long walk in the forest, doesn’t have to go out anymore. Decorate your wall at the head of your bed with this mystical forest and you will feel calmness come over you in an instant.

View the Wall murals forest

#30 3D photo wallpaper of a woman

3D photo wallpaper for bedroom of a woman

Create a unique headboard with this custom 3D photo wallpaper. The details of the high-quality print create a realistic effect and the dark tones create a warm atmosphere in your bedroom. Experience cosy moments in your master bedroom thanks to this personalised 3D photo wall mural.

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#31 Wall Murals Bridge

Wall Murals for bedroom with Bridge

View the Wall Murals Bridges

#32 Wall murals Pier

Wall Murals Bedroom with Lake

View the Wall murals Pier


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