Top 7 wallpaper trends for 2021

Whereas until recently we massively opted for white walls, 2021 will be the year when wallpapers make their definitive comeback. Whether you like a rustic or modern interior, in our extensive collection of wallpapers you're guaranteed to find a motif that suits your unique style. Discover the new wallpaper trends for 2021 below.

#1 Geometric wallpaper

Geometric motifs are becoming an integral part of a contemporary interior. They create movement while providing a certain harmony at the same time. Geometric wallpapers are also very suitable for visually enlarging a room. From wallpapers with hexagons over circles to triangles, our geometric patterns are available in numerous variations. Black-and-white wallpapers are always a good choice, but if you want to keep up with the latest trends, you go for a wallpaper pattern in the Pantone trend colours.

Wallpapers Marble hexagon seamless texture with golden leaves

Wallpapers Yellow and black triangles


#2 Tropical wallpaper

From the bathroom to the bedroom, botanical prints transform any space into an earthly paradise. Palm leaves, parrots or exotic flowers, with tropical wallpaper covering your walls it will seem like a holiday every day. Go all the way with a colourful pattern or opt for the more subdued look of watercolour leaves.

Wallpapers Tropical pattern with clouded leopard and tropical flowers

Wallpapers Tropical vintage exotic bird toucan


#3 Scandinavian wallpaper

The Scandinavian interior style has gained enormous popularity in recent years. The combination of light colours, clean lines and natural materials translate into a modern yet homely look. Thanks to their calming appearance, Scandinavian patterns are also an extremely suitable choice for the children's room.

Wallpapers Seamless pattern with flowers, berries and leaves

Wallpapers Seamless pattern with hand drawn sea jar with marine elements


#4 Floral wallpaper

This classic can hardly be called a trend, but floral prints deserve a mention on our list of favourite wallpaper trends. From minimalist line drawings to bombastic baroque prints, our floral wallpaper collection continues to amaze with its versatility and endless creativity.

Wallpapers Seamless pattern with white roses and grey leaves

Wallpapers seamless pattern in Baroque style


#5 Retro wallpaper

The cheerful designs and warm colours of our retro wallpaper put you in a great mood every time. From an accent wall in the bedroom to a true metamorphosis of the stairwell; give your home a touch of authentic charm with our vintage wallpaper patterns.

Wallpapers Pattern of butterflies

Wallpapers seamless geometric retro pattern with leaves and flowers


#6 Bohemian wallpaper

Immerse your home in a dreamy sixties atmosphere with our bohemian wallpapers. Bring out your inner flower power and decorate your walls with creative patterns such as flowers, watercolour feathers, mandalas or dream catchers.

Wallpapers Feather Seamless Pattern. Watercolor Illustration

Wallpapers monohrome dreamcatcher with feathers


#7 Wallpaper with texture

Do you also like a brick wall, but unfortunately your home is not equipped with one? Our wallpaper with textured prints create the same visual effect and are much cheaper. Do you prefer the industrial look of a concrete wall or the rustic look of wooden textures? We have all of this in store for you!

Wallpapers Seamless wood parquet texture

Wallpapers brick wall texture


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