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How do you hang a garden poster?


Spring is on its way! Get your terrace ready for the first rays of sunshine with a photo on a garden poster. Upload your own photo or choose one from our catalogue and have it printed in the desired format. There are several options to complete the look. So think about the way you want to display your garden poster. To help you choose, we have listed the different possibilities below.

Garden poster Beautiful dunes beach at sunset, North Sea, Germany

Garden poster Sunny Forest of Spruce Trees in Autumn

How do you hang a garden poster without extra finish?

If you choose for a garden poster without extra finish, the canvas will be delivered without a hanging system. This option is recommended if you want to frame the poster or attach it directly onto the fence. Pull your garden poster tight and fasten it by placing staples at an equal distance along the edges. If you prefer to stretch your garden poster around a wooden frame, we recommend stapling it along the back so that the staples remain invisible at all times.

Framed garden poster

Framed garden poster

How do you hang a garden poster with rings?

If you choose for a garden poster with rings there are two options. Either we provide the canvas with a solid metal ring in every corner to hang your garden poster, or we put several rings around the sides of your garden poster. In the latter case we make sure that the rings are nicely distributed in proportion to the size of the poster, so the distance inbetween the rings will be 50 cm at the maximum. This last option is especially recommended for large garden posters.

Garden poster rise sunlight

Garden poster Zebra on dark background

How do you hang a garden poster with elastic tensioners?

If you choose a garden poster with rings, you should indicate whether or not you would like to receive elastic tensioners. Per metal ring you will receive one stretcher with a length of 20 cm, plus four extra stretchers to reinforce the corners. This is to guarantee sufficient solidity. With the elastic stretchers you can easily hook your garden poster to a wire fence or wooden fence, but you can also tie them around a metal frame. If you want to hang your garden poster on a concrete or brick wall, you will have to fix some screws or hooks in the wall first. Then you can hang your garden poster with rings either directly or with the help of elastic tensioners.

Garden poster Budha image in valley of the dark


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