Pimp your interior with watercolor leaf print wallpaper

Give your favorite spot in the house the ultimate wow factor with a watercolor leaf print wallpaper. Leaf prints have been a fixture with interior stylists and design enthusiasts for several years, and we can barely keep up with demand. Moreover, there is nothing to indicate that they will lose their bestseller status soon, quite the contrary. Every day there is a new variation to discover. Realistic or abstract. Bombastic or just modest. With leaf print wallpaper you can go all directions. Our current crush? We choose watercolor leaf print wallpaper. The balanced combination of soft pastel shades and colorful patterns creates a special effect every time. Perfect for spaces that are ready for something different, but still need to radiate a calming atmosphere. To make it easy for you, we have already collected our favorite watercolor leaf print wallpapers in one place. So you just have to choose your favorite print.



Hang your watercolor leaf print wallpaper on the wall in a second

Have you found a suitable watercolor leaf print wallpaper? Roll up those sleeves! Thanks to the easily manageable strips of 48 cm wide, you do not need professional help to attach your watercolor leaf print wallpaper. Good wallpaper adhesive and a dash of patience are enough. Follow our mounting instructions wallpaper for a professional result. Step by step we explain how you can easily stick your watercolor leaf pint wallpaper to the wall. Happy with the result? We are very curious to see how you transformed your bedroom, kitchen or staircase with your self-chosen watercolor leaf print wallpaper. So be sure to send a photo for us to enjoy it as well. Did you know that you can also hang your watercolor leaf print wallpaper in damp rooms without any problems? The washable coating protects your print against splashing water. So do not hesitate to also tackle your bathroom!




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