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Living in style? Choose printed roller blinds


Looking for a practical blind that also adds a decorative value? With a printed roller blind you kill two birds with one stone! A beautiful photo or nice pattern brightens up any room in a second. Print on a format of your choice and go for the type that best suits the atmosphere you want to create. If you want to completely block the light from coming in, it is best to opt for blackout printed roller blinds. This option is the most popular choice for bedrooms or projection rooms where you want to avoid light reflection as much as possible. Does your printed roller blind serve more as a decorative piece? Then go for translucent printed roller blinds that limit the view and only partially block out the daylight. Our printed roller blinds can be mounted on the windowsill, in the windowsill and on the window frame. You can select the desired mounting system during the ordering process.

Printed roller blinds Grand canyon, Arizona. The Grand Canyon is a steep-sided canyon carved by the Colorado River in the state of Arizona

Printed roller blind with atmosphere

A printed roller blind with an atmospheric image is so much nicer than a standard plain roller blind. Enjoy fantastic views of the New York skyline or immerse your interior in the colors of Rio Carnival. Prefer a calming landscape printed roller blind? Even then you have plenty of choice! From snow-capped peaks to a tropical beach; your dream destination is undoubtedly among them. With a personalized printed roller blind you travel to the Canadian forests, Argentine glaciers or Asian rice fields in your own home. In addition to travelling, animals are also a source of inspiration. From the Big Five to a cute snapshot of your favorite four-legged friend, our animal printed roller blinds are a hit every time.

Printed roller blinds city

Patterned printed roller blind

From timeless classics to contemporary trends; our collection of printed roller blinds patterns includes the most diverse styles. Romantic floral prints remain an absolute hit, but striped printed roller blinds also traditionally do very well. Or why not a combination of both? Geometric prints have also been on the rise in recent years. Retro or modern; the choice is yours. Regardless of your decorating style, there is undoubtedly something for your taste in our extensive range of printed roller blinds. Or for your children's taste. Because our children's room printed roller blinds are a great success as well. Naughty foxes, colorful hot air balloons or cute owls; your kids will be amazed. The ideal way to give the children's room a playful touch. Can you feel the creativity bubbling up? Click below and enjoy yourself!

Printed roller blinds Various raindrops. Kids drawing style. Childish scandinavian backdrop. Flat design. Hand drawn colored vector seamless pattern. Modern trendy illustration for fabric, textile, wallpaper, scrapbook

Printed roller blinds Hand drawn watercolor seamless pattern with white lotus flowers and lotus leaf


Looking for fun ideas? View our printed roller blinds inspirations

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