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Turn your home into a cozy retreat with ethnic wallpaper. Universal prints that survive trends and time. Colorful patterns with worldly allure. Rich prints that make an impact. Ethnic wallpapers are a modest investment with maximum return. Because one decorative wall is all you need to completely transform a room. Ethnic prints are also completely in line with the boho chic trend that has taken off in recent years. So it's high time to get one for your home. With so many colors to choose from, you are sure to find an ethnic wallpaper that will complement the rest of your interior.
Wallpapers Ethnic seamless pattern with waves


Whether you like zigzag prints, herringbone patterns or a more eclectic wallpapers style, you can go either way with ethnic wallpaper. The earthy color palette gives your interior a warm look. Enhance the effect by combining your ethnic wallpaper with natural materials such as wood, rattan, bamboo and pottery. The robust, imperfect finish underlines the nonchalant character of the ethnic living style. The ideal basis for a relaxed atmosphere in which it is wonderful to come home. With ethnic wallpaper on your wall it always feels a bit like you are on vacation.
Wallpapers Seamless hand drawn style chevron pattern in black and white


Although ethnic wallpaper and a contemporary interior seem two opposites at first sight, that certainly does not mean that the combination is an absolute no go. The beauty lies in the contrast. Contemporary homes can sometimes feel a bit chilly. Ethnic wallpaper can help break up the sleek look of your modern interior and create a homely feel. If you prefer a neutral color palette, the black and white wallpapers from our ethnic collection may be the best choice for you. But neutral tones such as beige and white are well represented as well.
Wallpapers Trendy tribal motifs seamless pattern with abstract geometric


Ethnic wallpaper can seem quite intense. That is why we recommend limiting the print to one accent wall and painting the other walls in a matching color. Our ethnic wallpaper is available in rolls of 10, 20 or 40 m in length. With our online calculator you can easily calculate how many meters of wallpaper you would need. Add a box of wallpaper glue during the ordering process so you can get started immediately after delivery. Since the ethnic wallpaper is produced in our own workshop, you will receive the wallpaper rolls at home within just a few working days!
Wallpapers Ethnic seamless pattern

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