Chalet chic: a chalet style interior

Winter has arrived and with that the time has come for many to go on a winter sports holiday or to stay at home and cocoon inside. If you belong to the second group, but would rather pack your bags and get out into the fresh Alpine air, we have the solution for you. Transform your home into your own mountain cabin and bring that cozy, cozy atmosphere from the mountains to your home.

Chalet style home

A chalet-style interior: the epitome of cosiness and warmth. The chalet style is becoming more and more popular thanks to the eco living trend of natural and environmentally friendly materials. Nowadays, the style is not only found in rural areas, chalet elements are also increasingly being used in new-build and town houses. We fully understand why: the warm, charming atmosphere makes you feel at home and unwind immediately upon entering. A chalet style home is cozy in the winter and a safe haven during the summer months.

Printed kitchen splashbacks Flying raw whole fish from grill grid, isolated on black background

A warm and natural color palette

A chalet is characterized by the use of woods and natural materials. But even if your home is rather light and modern, you can still bring this natural style into your home. Go for furniture and decorative items in warm, natural colors such as brown, orange and dark tones such as moss green and burgundy. Be consistent by sticking to this color palette as much as possible when decorating. For example, how about a splash back behind your stove with a rural photo in warm tones? Or a rustic brick wall? Our texture wallmurals create the same effect and is also a lot cheaper. Is there a room that you would like to keep a little more airy? Then work with decorative items in simple and pure colours, such as taupe, beige and ecru.

Aluminium Prints Schottisches Hochlandrind mit Jungtier im Schnee

Chalet style textiles

As far as interior textiles are concerned, the chalet style is mainly characterized by soft fabrics in winter colors and patterns. On the table is a large tablecloth with a winter pattern and the windows are decorated with lush curtains. The large, comfortable seats and beds are generously filled with plush blankets and decorative pillows. Choose soft, cuddly materials and work with mainly warm deep tones.

Curtains Golden snowflakes seamless pattern. Luxury vector Christmas background with small gold snow flakes on black backdrop. Winter holidays texture. Elegant design for decor, tileable print, wrapping, web

Looking for even more inspiration to increase the cosiness factor of your interior? Then browse through our inspiration pages full of original and atmospheric decoration!

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