Upgrade your interior with a stylish photo wall

Does one of the rooms in your house need a little something extra? With a stylish photo wall on the wall, you can create a cozy room full of character. A photo wall is a collage of a number of nicely matching photos and prints that hang on the wall in a certain pattern. In a previous blog we showed you how a gallery wall can create more atmosphere in your hall, living room and kitchen. In today's blog we show you how a gallery wall is also ideal for brightening up your bedroom, the nursery and even the bathroom.

Photo walls in the bedroom

Relaxing: that is the purpose of a bedroom. He is the place where you want to relax and gain energy for a new day. Do you want to turn your bedroom into a cozy room in which you can completely relax? Then hang a gallery wall with photos or prints that give you a nice feeling and fit well with your personality. In this way, your bedroom becomes a place where you can really come home. Need inspiration? Then take a look at this page with photo walls that we have specially designed for the bedroom.

Gallery Walls Christmas season

Photo walls in the nursery

The children's room should be a place where your children can let their imaginations run wild and where they can relax sufficiently. Whether in the bedroom or playroom, a nice picture wall on your wall is the perfect starting point for a cozy nursery. A gallery wall with cheerful photos and cute graphics creates an atmosphere in which little one feels comfortable enough to explore, play and relax in the evening. On this page you will find various photo walls; not only for the little ones, but also for the room of your teenagers. Get inspired and find your favorite!

Gallery Walls Christmas dreams

Photo walls in the bathroom

When you think of a bathroom, you may not immediately think of wall decoration. Nevertheless, a photo wall is ideal for furnishing your bathroom in a cozy way. A simple gallery wall with three framed posters, for example, immediately gives your bathroom interior more style. Our framed posters are printed with the best ink on premium paper of no less than 180 gr/m2. As a result, a room with a lot of moisture, such as the bathroom, will not cause the posters to curl after a while. But our other photo materials are also particularly suitable for putting together a stylish gallery wall for damp rooms. Decorate your bathroom with a photo wall and enjoy a wonderful me-time moment every day in a stylishly decorated place.

Gallery Walls Frozen berries

Curious about more? Be sure to check this page with even more photo wall inspiration per room. You can order the proposed photos and prints of each gallery wall as a set, but also separately. In addition, each picture and print pictured is available in multiple formats.

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