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Choosing the right curtains? these 4 tips will get you on your way


It is a fact that curtains provide more coziness and atmosphere at home. They immediately catch the eye and determine the look of your interior. But sometimes they are simply necessary. Natural light that flows through the room is very beautiful, but if you want to sleep or need privacy, curtains are indispensable. How do you choose the right curtains? There's more to it than just choosing a fabric you like and hoping it sits well in the room. To help you on your way in your search for the right curtains, we have listed 4 simple tips for you.

Tip 1: choose the right curtain colour

The choice of curtain colour can make or break the look of the room. If you want to create a harmonious atmosphere, it is best to choose a curtain colour that is in line with the rest of the colours in the room. If you want the curtains to stand out and be the focus of the room, you can go for a colour that contrasts with the walls or the furniture. This can create a particularly beautiful effect, especially with white walls. Do you have absolutely no idea which colours match the rest of your interior? Create a visual collage of the main colours in the room and add the colours you have in mind for the curtains. That way you can immediately see whether a curtain colour goes well with the rest of the colours in the room.

Tip 2: choose a curtain pattern or picture

Juggling different colours and designs is very popular. By using curtains with patterns or photos in the right way, you can bring the room to life and create a real eye-catcher. If you live in a house with few architectural details, a patterned curtain can compensate for this lack in an interesting way. A curtain with a picture can also create certain atmosphere, such as the charm of a beautiful view that you miss when you live in a big city. Going for a patterned curtain? Then be sure to consider the size of the room. A large patterned curtain will lose its effect in a small room and will look best in a larger space. With a small patterned curtain, the opposite is true.

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Tip 3: choose a curtain lining

Curtains are a decorative element, but they can also determine the amount of outside light that enters the room. Blackout curtains block out more light than translucent or semi-transparent curtains. To determine which curtain lining you go for, ask yourself the following question: in which room do I want to hang curtains? If it is a bedroom, then it is best to choose blackout curtains that keep out unwanted sun rays. If it is a living room or living room, translucent curtains provide the most beautiful effect. In this way you can create privacy, but still allow light to enter.

Tip 4: choose the right curtain sizes

The length and width of curtains is something many people struggle with. If your curtains have built-in rings that you need to hang from a curtain rod, follow the steps below.

How to determine the right curtain length

To determine the curtain length, first choose where you want your curtains to go: to the floor, just above the ground or to the bottom of the window. Curtains that fall to the floor are very popular now, but not very practical. If you have children or the curtains are intended for a door or sliding window through which you walk in and out, it is best to choose curtains that end 1 or 2 cm above the floor. That way they don't get smudgy right away. Next you choose from where you want the curtains to start at the top. The most obvious is to hang the curtain rod directly above the window frame, but you can also hang the rod a little higher, or even just below or on the ceiling. This will make your windows appear larger. Finally, check how many cm the curtain extends above the rod – with most curtains this is 3 cm – and add those centimeters to the total curtain length. This prevents the curtain from being too short at the bottom and not ending where you had in mind.

How to determine the correct curtain width

To determine the width of the curtains, take the width of the curtain rod and add 20 cm on each side. The rings and rod ensure that your curtains fall in soft vertical folds instead of a tight piece of fabric. Do you not have a curtain rod yet and is there enough space on both sides of the window? Then you may consider buying a rod that is a lot longer than the width of the window frame. That way you can slide the open curtains outside the window frame and the whole window is free, so that no natural light is blocked.

The right curtains can add incredible value to the room. When choosing curtains, keep the above tips in mind, and you can be sure of a beautiful result!


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