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The best window decoration for 2023


Window decoration is the ideal way to make it cozy and comfortable inside. From lush curtains in soft shades to sleek roller blinds with a quirky pattern. Whatever type of window covering you go for, with the right custom curtains or custom printed roller blinds you create the necessary privacy, the ideal amount of light and a warm atmosphere. Which curtains are all the rage in 2023? And which trend suits your interior style? To help you find your way, we have listed the 6 most important curtain trends for 2023 for you.

#1 Pastel window decoration

Printed roller blinds and custom curtains in pastel colours will be on the rise again in 2023. Pastel colours are soft, versatile colours that create a romantic atmosphere at home. Think light pink, lilac, baby blue, powder beige and mint green. Curtains and printed roller blinds in pastel colours are stylish and come into their own in almost any interior. Just look at the examples below. Each image or pattern is available as a curtain and as a printed roller blind. In addition, you will find a huge number of curtains and printed roller blinds in beautiful pastel colours in our webshop.

Curtains Spring floral pattern

Curtains Hand drawing woman face line art in cubism style. Color print for clothes, textile and other

Printed roller blinds Seamless pattern Linum Flax Jasmine Hemlock tree wildflowers

urtains Dry cool tones beige romantic cane reed rush on light background macro

Curtains Fog in the forest

Printed roller blinds River with reed reflected in the Delta of the Volga River at foggy sunrise, Russia

#2 Botanical window decoration

In the wallpaper trends of 2022, we already saw that botanical wallpaper is high on the list. And the designs for the curtain trends 2023 are also full of botanical influences. Curtains and printed roller blinds with tropical flowers, large leaves, palm trees, printed roller blinds with vintage botanical landscapes and exotic birds… they fit perfectly into a green, trendy lifestyle and brighten up your interior completely. Below we show you some interiors with customized botanical curtains and printed roller blinds.

Curtains Watercolor tropical seamless pattern with pink flamingo and palm leaves

Printed roller blinds Tropical floral vintage foliage palm leaves seamless pattern grey background

Curtains Seamless floral pattern with tropical flowers and leaves on dark background

Printed roller blinds Tropical vintage botanical landscape, palm tree, palm leaves, leopard animal floral seamless pattern white background

Printed roller blinds Wallpaper Jungle Tropical Forest Banana Palm Tropical Birds Egrets Wild Ducks In Rivers Frog Ancient Water Vintage Painting

Printed roller blinds wallpaper jungle and tropical forest banana palm and tropical birds, old drawing

#3 Colourful window decoration

Another trend that parallels the wallpaper trends of 2023: window decoration with colour! Curtains and printed roller blinds in bright colours are completely hip in 2023. So forgo those white and ecru colours and go all out for curtains and printed roller blinds in colours such as yellow, green, bright orange or turquoise. Printed roller blinds and curtains in bright colours give your interior a playful touch and provide a cheerful, refined atmosphere. You can get some inspiration below.

Curtains Seamless pattern with eucalyptus flowers and leaves. Eucalyptus grove. Gum tree forest

rinted roller blinds Retro seamless pattern - colorful nostalgic background design with circles

Curtains Route 66 Pavement Sign Sunrise Mojave Desert

Printed roller blinds Political Vintage World Map

Printed roller blinds dramatic clouds in the evening sky, panorama

#4 Window decoration with texture image

Textures in interior design are currently very popular. Also in the curtains trends of 2023 we see many abstract textures. Curtains and photo blinds with marble texture, with the texture of an abstract work of art... Artistic, yet so simple and neutral. Curtains with abstract textures fit wonderfully well with a minimalist interior style and provide extra playfulness and dynamism here. But abstract curtains and custom photo blinds also come into their own in a modern and industrial living style.

Printed roller blinds caribean portrow glamour marble texture

Printed roller blinds texture background Golden pink with blue and gray

Printed roller blinds Marbling art done with acrylic paints

Curtains Texture 8

Curtains Bronze or copper metal texture background

#5 Window decoration with triangles

Everything good comes in threes, they say. Next to white and black there is grey, next to the sun and the earth there is the moon, and so on. Triangles stand for balance and energy. The search for harmony so typical of our times is clearly reflected in our interiors. Interior designs with triangular shapes and patterns are becoming increasingly popular. Curtains and photo blinds with triangles give your interior just the right amount of extra pizzazz you're looking for.

Curtains Triangular shape shimmering blue seamless pattern. Geometric shiny background

Curtains Colorful triangle abstract seamless pattern

Curtains simple seamless geometric grid vector pattern

Printed roller blinds monochrome triangle seamless pattern

Printed roller blinds Vector seamless pattern with ethnic tribal boho triangles

#6 Window decoration landscape photos

The natural trend is here to stay in the interior world, and rightly so. Nature is full of beautiful landscapes and phenomena that bring a soothing atmosphere to your home. Landscape photos in the interior therefore do very well. Not only on the wall, also in the curtain trends of 2023. Curtains and printed roller blinds with photos of a serene beach and sea or misty forest are the perfect basis for creating a harmonious interior. Keep the rest of your interior calm and make sure that the colours match the colours of the curtain, so you complete the look of the room! In our webshop you will find thousands of professional landscape photos to have printed on a custom curtain or printed roller blind.

Curtains Forested mountain slope in low lying cloud

Curtains Walking down to the beach with sea overview at the evening enjoying sunset light. Best place to spent after a summer day

Curtains Scottish Highland Cattle bull with big horns stands on a street in Scottish Highlands, Scotland, Great Britain

Curtains Famous Skogafoss waterfall on Skoga river, Iceland

Curtains Birchwood in sunny day

Printed roller blinds Cannon Beach

Custom curtains and printed roller blinds

With the curtain trends of 2023 you make your interior more personal and cozy. Are you in doubt about which curtain trend fits best in your interior? Whether you should go for custom curtains or custom printed roller blinds? Whether it is best to choose translucent or blackout curtains or roller blinds? And whether it will be curtains with a photo or with a pattern? Contact us and we will gladly assist you in making your choice.

Do you already know what you want? Shop your custom printed roller blinds or curtains online, adjust them to your preferences and we will immediately get to work to deliver your custom printed roller blinds or curtains ready-made to your home.




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