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Which window decoration to choose for the bedroom?


Your bedroom is your safe haven, a haven where you can unwind and recharge after a long day of hectic activity. It is therefore essential that your bedroom matches your personality and fully meets your wishes. Your window decorations also play an important role in this. No idea which bedroom window decoration to choose? Then you are in the right place! We have listed 3 bedroom window decoration ideas to inspire you. They have one thing in common: they guarantee you the privacy you desire in a bedroom. View the most beautiful bedroom window decoration ideas below and be inspired.

Customized bedroom window stickers

The first way to decorate your bedroom windows is the most original: custom window stickers. Custom window stickers have the advantage that they do not take up any space and provide a cozy atmosphere day and night. Moreover, having a window sticker made is child's play. Select a beautiful image in the webshop, enter the correct dimensions, choose transparent or blackout sticker material and you're done! This custom window sticker shows a reproduction of Van Gogh's The Starry Night. The window sticker is the eye-catcher of the room and provides a unique, dreamy flair.

Window stickers Varicoloured texture from oil paints

Custom printed bedroom roller blinds

Custom bedroom roller blinds have many practical advantages. They don't take up much space and can allow little or a lot of light into your bedroom. Blackout printed roller blinds minimize the outside light in the room and are therefore ideal for the bedroom. Custom printed roller blinds in a translucent fabric provide privacy, but still let in light. If you like to be woken up in the morning by the light of the rising sun, a printed roller blind with translucent fabric is an excellent choice.

Printed roller blinds Summer sky background on sunset

Custom bedroom curtains

Custom bedroom curtains with rings and beautiful loose pleats give your bedroom a warm, contemporary look. With their beautiful photos and patterns, your custom curtains transform your bedroom into a romantic abode, an industrial space or a botanical paradise. Choose a translucent or blackout fabric, determine the colour of your curtain rings, enter the correct dimensions and we will make your bedroom curtains ready-made, so that you only have to hang them at home.

Curtains Tropical vintage botanical landscape, palm tree, palm leaves, leopard animal floral seamless pattern white background

In our webshop you will find custom window stickers, curtains and printed roller blinds with beautiful professional photos, but also with unique graphic drawings and original patterns. Whether you like bright colours or sober tones, there is bedroom window decoration for every interior style.




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What makes my work so special? The collaboration with a great designer Daria with whom I form a complementary duo. Her visions and decoration ideas, combined with my ability to capture their beauty in words, create a unique effect. Together we inspire existing and new customers, giving them a fresh look at decorations.

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