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The MAS, the Cathedral of Our Lady, the Central Station, the Grote Markt, ... Antwerp has many architectural gems that are a real feast for the eyes. Even the harbor can provide photogenic panoramas! In this blog we put beautiful photos of Antwerp in the spotlight and show you how they can give your interior more character.

Aluminium Prints Antwerp cityscape with cathedral of Our Lady, Antwerpen Belgium at dusk

1. Antwerp aluminum print

An aluminium print of Antwerp makes for an inspiring painting. A photo on aluminum is finished with a matte look and therefore does not reflect light. This gives the photo a picturesque look. Hang your Antwerp aluminium print in any room where the decoration could use a little more character and appearance. Now available as a square, rectangle and also as a wall circle.

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Framed poster City map Antwerp, travel vector poster design

2. Framed poster with a photo of Antwerp

Stylish framed poster with a graphical map of the center of Antwerp. This poster comes into its own with the white passe-partout and the sleek, black wooden frame. The city's name is written in capital letters at the bottom, giving it a modern look. Did you know that Antwerp is not only known for its harbor and diamonds, but also for its zoo, which is one of the oldest in the world? This is located right in the center and houses more than 5000 animals!

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Canvas prints Grote Markt Antwerp

3. Antwerp canvas print

A canvas print of the Grote Markt in Antwerp makes for one of the most beautiful places in Antwerp. On the Grote Markt of this special city on the Scheldt you will find the City Hall, the Guildhalls and the Brabo Fountain. Choose your favorite photo of Antwerp and have it printed on one or more canvases, such as this trendy diptych.

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Printed bathroom splashbacks Old street with tables of restaurant in Antwerpen, Belgium. Cozy cityscape in Antwerpen

4. Printed bathroom splash back with photo of Antwerp

Most of us know Antwerp as a large Belgian city, but did you know that there are also a lot of picturesque spots in the center? Just look at this old street full of greenery and cosiness. Bring that romantic atmosphere into your home now with a printed bathroom splash back with a photo of Antwerp. Install it behind your sink or your bath and enjoy a me-time moment full of atmosphere every day.

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Acrylic prints Busy port of Antwerp

5. Acrylic Antwerp print

A photo of Antwerp on glossy acrylic glass gives the room a cool, chic look with an edge - the perfect painting to complete a contemporary or industrial interior! The port of Antwerp is the second largest port in Europe. The seaport has huge harbor docks, large container ships and impressive cranes. Hang this acrylic print on your wall and admire this fascinating part of Antwerp up close every day.

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Wall murals Tall Ship Antwerp. An Antwerp cityscape with the Juan Sebastián de Elcano

6. Photo of Antwerp on wall murals

Do you have a large empty wall in your house that could use some filling? Transform it with a spectacular wall mural with image of the Antwerp skyline. Thanks to the phenomenal depth effect, colors and details are enhanced and it seems as if you can step right into the painting. Order your wall murals with a photo of Antwerp today and give it a nice place in your interior.

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Printed roller blinds Antwerp, Belgium, beautiful night view of modern Eilandje area and port. Small island district and sailing marine at sunset

7. Printed roller blind with photo of Antwerp

Need some privacy or are you bothered by the bright sun? With a printed roller blind with a photo of Antwerp, that is solved in no time! This beautiful photo shows 'het Eilandje': one of the hippest districts you can find in Antwerp, located in one of the oldest Antwerp marinas. Choose your favorite photo of Antwerp and we will print it exactly to size for your windows, so that the printed roller blind fits seamlessly into your interior.

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