Deco tip: the most beautiful pictures of the universe in your interior

Our solar system or universe has something special about it. In the dark, infinite space you will find no less than 8 large planets, thousands of asteroids and billions of galaxies. Today more and more interior designers are inspired by this fascinating galactic space. Check out our tips on how to give your interior more depth with photos of the universe!

Acrylic splashback Earth in the dark outer space collage. Abstract wallpaper. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

1. Acrylic splash backs with a view of the earth in the kitchen or bathroom

An acrylic splash back with a photo of space gives your bathroom or kitchen a contemporary and mysterious look. This splash back with a panoramic view of planet Earth makes you realize that we are only a small part of the vast universe, a space full of beauty and mystery. Have your acrylic splash back made with the necessary recesses for your taps, so that it fits exactly into your interior.

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Canvas prints Set of Universe, Solar system planet and space element on universe background

2. Solar system canvas print in the children’s room

Do you want to spoil your little darling with a room that highlights his or her fascination for the universe? Then decorate the room with a galaxy print on canvas. This educational canvas print is not only a lot of fun, but also teaches your child the names of the sun, the 8 planets and Pluto in a playful way.

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Wall murals Milky way galaxy with stars and space in the universe background at thailand

3. Milky Way wall mural in the living room

Get rid of that flat, monotonous wall in your living room! With this special Milky Way wall mural you create an original statement wall that makes the room shine. Be amazed by the vibrant colours and razor-sharp details of our wall murals with pictures of galaxies and planets that give any room an amazing, limitless feeling.

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Wall Circles moon

4. Brushed aluminium print in the hallway

With a beautiful photo of the moon on brushed aluminum you give your interior that little bit extra. The finely brushed aluminum gives the photo a subtle cool metallic look that you can admire from different angles. Our other universe brushed aluminum prints are perfect for creating an inspiring environment as well. Available as a square, rectangle or wall circle.

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Acrylic prints Andromeda Galaxy

5. Galaxy acrylic print in the dining room

An acrylic print of the universe is the ideal decorative piece for anyone passionate about astronomy and the mystery of the universe. This acrylic print shows the Andromeda galaxy. This galaxy is located right next to our own galaxy, the Milky Way, and is therefore our cosmic neighbor, as it were. Let the room shine with an acrylic print of the universe and change the look of your interior in just a few minutes!

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Window stickers

6. Window sticker with a photo of a star cluster against the window

To the untrained eye, this window sticker looks like abstract art, but you know you have something more interesting hanging on the window: a beautiful picture of our ever-expanding universe full of stars. Take a look at our catalog with the most beautiful photos of our galaxy, choose your favorite photo of the universe for your window sticker, order it tailored to your windows and we'll do the rest!

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Printed roller blinds Milky way as a background. Beautiful natural star composition

7. Printed Milky Way roller blind in the children’s room

Make the astronomical dreams of your child or teenager come true with a special roller blind with a photo of the universe. With a roller blind with a photo of the universe, you can transform the room into an inspiring and imaginative place. Our roller blinds with pictures of the endless universe, stars, comets and other planets are available in a translucent or blackout fabric and are extremely easy to install yourself.

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