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Which kind of window decoration for which kind of nursery?


Are you decorating a children's room? Or does your little sprout, baby or teen's room need new window treatments? Then it is certainly important to choose the right window decoration. Not only in terms of color or style, but also in terms of functionality. Which type of window covering you choose depends on, among other things, the age of the child, but also what your child uses his or her room for: only to sleep or also to play or study? You can read here which window coverings are best for your nursery.

Curtains for the nursery and children's room

Are your children still young? Then we recommend the classics among window treatments: curtains. Beautiful long curtains are the ideal atmospheric rooms for a children's room. But they are also very safe for small children, unlike other window treatments. Curtains don't contain a drawstring that your child can play with - and get entangled in - or small parts that he or she can swallow. And as far as we are concerned, for our children: safety comes first! Are you still forced to install a roller blind, for example because the room has slanted skylights? Then make sure you hide the cord well with a hook.

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Roller blinds for the teenage room

If your child is a bit older, you can opt for a printed roller blind in his or her bedroom. A printed roller blind is a curtain with a nice photo or image on it. As children get older, they are more and more concerned with developing their own identity. And a printed roller blind with a photo or image of your choice is the ideal way for your teen to add a bit of personality to his or her room! Is your child a real adventurer? Then a roller blind with a world map is definitely for her! Or is he or she completely under the spell of horses? Then you make him or her happy with a printed roller blind with a horse.

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Blackout curtains for the bedroom

Good, deep sleep is essential for children of all ages. A rested child is healthier and happier. And that's what counts, right? In order for your child to sleep well, the room must be sufficiently darkened. That is why it is best to choose window coverings with a blackout fabric for their bedroom. A blackout printed roller blind, for example, has a blackout coating on the back. As a result, no light can enter the room. But classic curtains are also available in a blackout fabric. An additional advantage of blackout window decorations is that it blocks heat or cold from the outside for a while. This keeps your child's room at a pleasant temperature.

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Translucent curtains for the playroom

Do you have a separate room at home for your children where they can play or do their homework? It is best to dress it up with translucent window decoration. This way your child can enjoy a fresh, atmospheric place where there is sufficient natural light while playing or studying. Did you know that a room that is well lit, appears larger and makes you a lot more productive? Enough reason to opt for translucent window coverings in the playroom or study! Extra tip: if you want to make the room look even bigger, go for translucent curtains or roller blinds with an image or pattern in light colours. Light colors reflect the sun and make the room look more spacious.

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So, now that you know which window decoration your nursery needs the most, comes the fun part: choosing a nice curtain or roller blind! In our webshop you can choose from millions of nice photos, illustrations and patterns that you can all print on a curtain or roller blind and personalize it to your liking. We make your curtains or photo roller blinds to measure – accurate to the cm – and deliver them to your home with the right care. Click on the button below and start designing the new curtains or printed roller blind for your child!




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