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Wall murals - a durable choice for wall decoration


Our wall murals are made of sturdy non-woven material that feels soft. These wall murals weigh 150 g/m², do not contain PVC and can be dusted with a soft, dry cloth if necessary. The advantage of this high-quality wall mural? It does not shrink or expand when you apply wallpaper paste, which is very important for the precise work of wallpapering.

Wall murals with Beautiful meadow with wild flowers

Guaranteed intense colours

The colors you see in the photo are exactly the colors you get on the wall mural. Thanks to our advanced printing technology, all colors are perfectly preserved on the wallpaper. The vibrant colors of the wall mural are also protected against fading, so you can enjoy your personalized wall mural for years to come.

Fire-safe wall mural

Our wall murals are produced according to the fire safety standard DIN EN 13501-1 and are fire retardant. This way you can sleep peacefully with this fire-safe wall mural in your bedroom, or any other room.

Simple wallpapering

Applying the wall mural is a piece of cake with the standard wallpaper technique on a clean wall. The wall mural is divided into separate strips of a handy size to simplify wallpapering. For example, if your photo wallpaper is 240 cm wide, we divide it into five equal strips of 48 cm without overlapping. This way you can easily apply the strips to the wall using the included detailed mounting instructions.

Selective focus

A photo can be taken using the technique of selective focus, also known as portrait mode. This makes certain parts of the photo appear sharper. The other parts of the photo, which serve as a background, are less sharp and are also printed that way. This is not a printing error, as the original photo was taken using this technique.

Custom wall mural

Custom wall mural means that every photo from our range can be made to measure, regardless of the desired size. The only limitation is the size of your walls.

When choosing a photo from our wide range, remember that the selected image will be enlarged to the size of your wall. This means that each element of the photo is enlarged proportionally.

Even the smallest details of the photo are enlarged and will be clearly visible on the photo wallpaper. Please note that the photo is an enlargement and should be viewed from an appropriate distance.

We offer excellent print quality and use the best , ecological materials. The 100 million beautiful photos in our range were taken by professionals. We can guarantee the high quality of the photo. However, we cannot guarantee that the enlarged details on the wall mural will retain their actual size.

For more information, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer your questions quickly.

Wall murals with Traffic lights

Create your dream interior with a custom wall mural

Those perfect dream interiors that you see every day on Instagram? Your interior can soon be among them too! With our personalized wall murals you can transform an everyday interior into a Pinterest-worthy picture in no time, as if it came straight from a professional catalogue. Our high-quality wallpaper is also very easy to apply; everyone can do it. Apply the glue directly to the wall and simply attach the numbered strips of photo wallpaper in the correct order.

The wall mural is divided into easy-to-handle strips of 48 cm wide, which you can easily position until they hang perfectly. You do not need professional help to apply the wall mural. On the contrary, you can do this job all by yourself!

Personalized wall murals of the highest quality

We attach great importance to the quality of our wall murals. That is why we only use high-quality materials and the very best printing machines. This way we guarantee that even the smallest details of your personalized wall mural will be preserved and the colors will still shine intensely after years. However, high-quality prints require high-quality images. In our extensive collection of wall murals you will therefore only find photos that meet the highest quality requirements.

If you would prefer to have your own photo printed on wallpaper, you can upload it via our website. If you have any doubts about the quality, you can always request a proof. We will then send you a sample file so that you can decide for yourself whether the wall mural meets your needs.

Wall murals to create atmosphere in any interior

Do you want to get started with a wall mural, but are you unsure about the choice? Start by determining what atmosphere the room should radiate. Wall murals featuring forests, mountains or waterfalls is ideal for creating a soothing atmosphere, making it a popular choice for areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms - places where you mainly want to relax. If your wall mural should provide more dynamics, choose a real eye-catcher. Wall murals with animals or geometric patterns always stands out. For those who want to add a touch of luxury to their interior, there is certainly something to be found in our large collection of wall murals. An abstract work of art or a stylish black and white portrait? Choose what suits you.

Make your walls unforgettable with your own wall mural!

Do you want to give your walls a unique and personal look? Then have your own photo printed on a wall mural, washable wall mural or self-adhesive wall mural! Whether it is a special family photo, a beautiful landscape or a funny selfie, your own photo on the wallpaper will create a special and unforgettable moment on your wall.

So what are you waiting for? Turn your walls into a celebration with this unique and personalized gift that you will cherish forever!

How many pixels are needed for a beautiful result?

If you want to print wallpaper with your own photo, it is important to know how many pixels you need for the desired size. The resolution of your photo determines the quality of the end result. For perfect quality, we recommend using at least 1000x1000 pixels or 150 dpi. The more pixels you use, the brighter, sharper and more realistic the wall mural will be.

Our quality control ensures that your photo on wallpaper looks fantastic. So upload your own photo and we will take care of the rest!

Why should you choose our high-quality wall mural?

Choose our top-quality wall mural to transform your walls into a vibrant art expression or to make a powerful statement in any room. This wallpaper is printed with a stunning resolution of 600 dpi, resulting in a crystal clear image full of lifelike colors and details.

This provides a stunning visual experience and creates an unforgettable atmosphere. In addition, it is both durable and easy to install and maintain. It represents a valuable investment that can dramatically change the look of any room, adapting to the unique preferences and style of each household.

Which type of wall mural fits best in your living room?

The choice of the perfect wall mural in the living room depends entirely on the atmosphere you want to create. Are you aiming for a modern and urban feel? Then consider a wall mural with a cityscape or an abstract design. For a touch of nature in your living space, landscapes or floral motifs are a wonderful option.

Do you want to accentuate a specific color in your living room? Then choose a pattern in that specific shade. An artistic painting or mural as a wall mural can also add a unique artistic element to your interior. Ultimately, it's all about your personal taste and style when choosing the ideal wall mural for your living room.

Wall murals with Beautiful irises with butterflies

Which type of wall mural is ideal for your bedroom?

The choice of wall mural for your bedroom depends on your personal taste and the desired atmosphere. Here are some creative suggestions:

  • Soothing Nature: For a serene and calm atmosphere, natural landscapes such as wooded scenes, beach views, mountain landscapes or floral designs are perfect. They bring the tranquility of nature to your bedroom.
  • Modern Abstraction: For lovers of a modern and minimalist style, abstract patterns or geometric designs are an excellent choice. These can range from subtle to striking designs.
  • Urban Vibe: Add an urban touch with a cityscape, such as an impressive skyline or an iconic city monument.
  • Personality first: For a unique, personal touch, you can have your own photo printed, such as an image of a special place or a cherished memory.

Remember that the design of the wall mural must match both your interior and your personal taste for a harmonious whole.

Wall murals

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