Canvas prints Winter landscape with pampass grass by the lake against cloudy sky. Natural trendy background - Nikkel-Art.co.uk
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2cm thick wooden frame
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Canvas prints Winter landscape with pampass grass by the lake against cloudy sky. Natural trendy background

info The frames for our canvas paintings are made per 10 centimetres. Please take this into account when dividing into several parts.


Canvas prints





Min. dimensions one-piece

7,8 in x 7,8 in / 20 cm x 20 cm

Max. dimensions one-piece

43 x 23 in / 110 cm x 60 cm



Stretched on

FFSC-certified wooden slats

Thickness of wooden frame

2 cm or 4 cm

Production time

Shipping from Monday 22-04-2024


silky gloss

Suspension system

horizontal cord included

Mounting method

hang on the wall


rectangular or multi-piece

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Canvas prints

Classic canvas structure

Discover the timeless beauty of our canvas with a classic canvas structure. A wonderful way to present your artwork, photos or designs on an authentic and elegant surface.

Custom made up to 43 x 23 in / 110 cm x 60 cm

Let your creativity run wild! Our canvas cloth is made exactly to your desired dimensions, up to no less than 43 x 23 in / 110 cm x 60 cm. This way your artwork gets the perfect fit for any room.

Stretched on FSC®-certified wooden stretcher frame

We attach great importance to sustainability. That is why each canvas is stretched on an FSC®-certified wooden stretcher with a thickness of 2 or 4 cm. This not only ensures stability, but also an environmentally conscious choice.

Pin-sharp details and lifelike colors

Our advanced printing technology ensures pin-sharp details and vibrant colors, bringing your artwork to life on the canvas. Every brushstroke and shade are accurately reproduced, resulting in a stunning end result.

Canvas prints available as a two-, three- and four-panel

Do you want to add an extra dimension to your art? Then choose our two-, three- or four-panel option! This allows you to combine several canvases to create an impressive and harmonious gallery on your wall.

Fast and quality

We understand how important your art is. Our dedicated team strives to produce each canvas with love and precision within just 3-5 working days. So you can quickly enjoy your artwork on the canvas.

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