Are you looking for an Canvas Prints?
Choose out of more than 100 million photos and we will print each motif in your desired size!

  • Canvas with the classic canvas structure
  • Precisely custom made to your size up to 31,5 in x 23,6 in
  • Stretched directly onto FSC®-certified wooden stretcher of 0.8" or 1.6"
  • Razor-sharp details and vibrant colors
  • Also available as two-, three- and four-panel
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Why choose Canvas Prints?
Photo on canvas is a popular choice for printing images, and it has several distinguishing features:

Texture: One of the most noticeable features of canvas is its texture. It gives the photo a rich, three-dimensional look that is not possible with smooth paper prints.

Aesthetically appealing: Photos on canvas have an artistic look that can add to the atmosphere of a room. It can give an elegant and classic feeling.

Lightweight: Canvas is usually lightweight, which makes hanging and moving the photo easy.

Durability: Canvas is a strong material that can last a long time. With proper care and under the right conditions, a photo on canvas can retain its appearance for years.

Versatility: Canvas prints can be used in almost any space, and they come in a wide range of sizes and styles. This makes them suitable for various interior designs.

Affordable: Compared to some other printing methods, canvas printing is often reasonably priced, making it accessible to a variety of budgets.

UV Protection: Many canvas photos are treated with a UV protective coating that helps prevent discoloration and damage from exposure to sunlight.

Easy to Maintain: Canvas prints are easy to clean and maintain. A soft cloth is usually all that is needed to remove dust and dirt.

Matte Finish: Unlike the glossy finish of photos on materials like glass or metal, canvas generally has a matte finish. This can help reduce reflections and glare, keeping the photo clearly visible in different lighting conditions.

Customizable: Photos on canvas can be customized and customized to your specific wishes and needs, both in terms of size and design.

So, canvas photos offer a unique combination of aesthetic appeal, durability and affordability, making them a popular choice for both home decor and professional art galleries.

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Canvas prints

Canvas prints black and gold
  • Canvas with the classic canvas structure.
  • Stretched directly onto FSC®-certified wooden stretcher of 2 or 4 cm.
  • Intense colours with UV protection against discoloration.
  • The edges of the photo are mirrored so that the entire photo is preserved.
  • Free hanging system.
  • Precisely custom made to your size up to 43 x 23 in / 110 cm x 60 cm.
  • Razor-sharp details and lifelike colours.
  • Also available as two-, three- and four-panel.
  • High quality thanks to environmentally friendly HP Latex printers.

What is a photo on canvas?

High-quality print on canvas

A canvas prints is timeless and is reminiscent of a classic painting. Your photo of your choice will be printed on a canvas with the classic canvas structure. We do this with an environmentally friendly HP Latex printer. This professional and high-quality canvas print, the classic wall decoration of all times, fits into any interior and any room.

Stretched on a wooden stretcher

We stretch the canvas on an FSC®-certified wooden stretcher with a convex edge so that the canvas does not come into full contact with the wooden frame to prevent wrinkles in the canvas. You can choose between a wooden stretcher of 2 or 4 cm. With both finishes, the edges of the photo will be mirrored so that the entire photo is guaranteed. The wooden stretcher frame is provided with wedges in each corner at the back with which the canvas can be tensioned if it loses tension over time due to external factors.

Canvas prints Tower Bridge In London

Canvas prints sunset

Intense colours on canvas

The colours of the photo are the colours of the print on canvas. The intense colours of your wall decoration on canvas are guaranteed to be preserved and are protected against discoloration. This way you can enjoy your high-quality painting on canvas for many years.

Custom made

Your interior is unique, therefore, determine the size of your photo on canvas yourself. Enter the desired size during the ordering process and drag the print area of the photo. The maximum size of a painting on canvas is 43 x 23 in / 110 cm x 60 cm and the minimum size of wall decoration on canvas is 20 x 20 cm. Our photos on canvas are also available as two, three and four panels.

Hanging system of your choice

Our photos on canvas come standard with a horizontal cord on the back of the wooden stretcher, this is to maintain the tension of the canvas. The way to hang the canvas to the wall, is to put the wooden frame onto the screws/hooks. You also have the choice of three optionally supplied mounting sets to hang the wall decoration on canvas directly on the wall: hooks and plugs, screws and plugs or an adjustable self-adhesive nail.

Multi-part paintings on canvas

Canvas prints

Canvas prints

Canvas prints 2-panel

Canvas prints 2-panel

Canvas prints 3-panel

Canvas prints 3-panel

Canvas prints 4-panel

Canvas prints 4-panel

A photo on canvas as a reflection of your personality

A photo on canvas immediately brings a bit of personality into your interior. Give your family, friends or favourite pet a nice spot on your wall. Have your best photos printed on canvas and display them in the kitchen, living room or any other room. A special showpiece that immediately attracts attention when you enter the room. A photo on canvas is not only a way to decorate your interior, but also to show who you are and what is important to you.

Have you ever thought about a multi-part canvas?

Even at the office you can create a more homely atmosphere with a canvas. After all, that is where you spend most of your time. Nothing is as unpleasant as looking at an empty wall all day. A multi-part canvas can offer an original solution here and is an ideal way to spark creativity. Prefer not to have personal photos on your work? An artistic photo or painterly panorama are perfect for decorating in a professional context.

The classic of wall decorations: The Canvas

Canvas have a timeless look that never goes out of fashion. No wonder they have been one of our most popular products for years. The authentic look of a canvas print fits into both modern and more rustic interiors. The linen texture exudes an inviting warmth that gives any space instant character. Canvas prints also make it possible to transform your favourite photos into unique decorative items in a budget-friendly way. One that you will be able to cherish for years thanks to the high-quality materials and UV-resistant print.

Photo on canvas: this is how we ensure the quality

We manually stretch your canvas on a 2 or 4 cm thick wooden stretcher. Thanks to the curved edges, the canvas does not come into contact with the frame so that it does not crease the canvas. The motif edges are mirrored so that the entire picture is preserved. If the canvas starts sagging after a while, you can re-tension it with the supplied wedges. This will keep your photo on canvas in top condition for many years.

Small or large? Order your customised canvas

We think it is important that you can have your canvas printed to size. The right size shows your favourite photo at its best. Perhaps you are looking for a small, square photo canvas to decorate your desk. Or maybe an extra large panorama to show off that magnificent mountain view. You will find it all with us. Can't choose between all those beautiful photos? We understand that completely. That is why a photo collage on canvas is definitely one of the options.

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