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Curtains are an important decorative element in your home. Hung by a window they are an undeniable asset. The room immediately gains coziness.

Curtains usually appear in the living room, the most representative room. During the day, they are slid aside to let in sunlight. In the evening, we close them so as to obtain the desired intimacy in the interior. They are useful to effectively shield ourselves from unwanted prying eyes. The curtain should be selected to match the color scheme of the interior. It's up to you to decide whether you opt for curtains in solid colors, with an interesting pattern or timeless curtains with a floral motif.

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Production time: 7 workdays

Fully customized

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Custom Curtains

The curtains are delivered fully finished. They are hemmed and reinforced at the top for a beautiful drape.

Measuring the width:

The fabric width per curtain is a maximum of 140 cm. When hung, this curtain is 20 cm narrower due to the pleats. Keep this in mind when specifying the width.

If the width is greater than 140cm, the curtain will be made in 2 equal parts.

Rings are placed every 8 centimeters.

Measuring the height:

Measure from the top of the rod to the floor or windowsill.

Curtains measurement instruction


  • Curtains add extra atmosphere to the room.
  • Translucent or blackout fabric.
  • Intense colours with UV protection against fading.
  • Ultra HD sublimation printing thanks to high-end printers from HP.
  • Razor-sharp details and lifelike colours.
  • Completely custom made.
  • Printed on the inside.
  • Install immediately upon receipt.
  • With a B1 certificate.

What is a custommade curtain

Intense colours on curtain

The colours of the photo are the colours of the print thanks to the high-quality printing with high-end printers from HP. The details remain razor sharp and the colours lifelike. In addition, the intense colours of the curtain are protected against fading. This way you can enjoy your personalized window decoration for many years to come.

Translucent and blackout curtains

Determine the type of fabric for your curtain according to the room where it will hang. Go for a translucent fabric with a white back for rooms where it does not have to be completely dark. And opt for a blackout fabric with a white back for areas where it should be completely dark, such as the bedroom or living room.

ready-made curtains

Custom curtains

Printed on the inside

Have the photo or pattern of your choice printed on the inside of the curtain according to the effect you want to create. With a print on the inside, you can enjoy the print from your interior.


Our curtains are custom made for your window. Carefully follow the measurement instructions on our website and enter the dimensions during the ordering process. Good to know: the fabric width per curtain is a maximum of 140 cm. When installed, the curtain will be 20 cm narrower due to the pleats.

Easy to install

Curtains are easy to install yourself. Slide the curtains/curtain rings + the supports onto the rod. Place the supports and the curtain rod on the mounting plates. Secure the supports to the mounting plates. Finally: Secure the rod in the supports.

Personalized window decoration

Custom curtains

Custom curtains are a fantastic way to add more colour and coziness to your interior. Add style to your living room with floor-to-ceiling curtains or add personality to the kitchen with curtains with a pop of colour. Don't underestimate the power of custom curtains. A few well-chosen custom curtains can give the room an attractive makeover. Match the colour of your curtains to your furniture, or go for contrasting colours to give the room more dynamic. We take you into the enchanting curtain world, from curtains with patterns to curtains with photos.

Buy translucent or blackout curtains?

Custom curtains do much more than just embellish your interior. They offer you privacy and keep light out if you want to sleep during the day. Are you looking for custom curtains to enjoy more privacy at home? Then we recommend translucent curtains. The translucent curtain fabric prevents people from seeing inside but does let in a lot of light. Are you looking for custom curtains for the bedroom or for a room where it sometimes must be dark? Then it is best to choose blackout curtains. Blackout curtains make the room a lot darker, even during the day when it is light outside. Do you want to sleep in during the day? Just close your blackout curtains and enjoy a wonderful beauty sleep in a dark room.

Custom curtains with photo or pattern

Do you like a quirky living style? Show who you are and what you love with photo curtains. Curtains with a photo of a tropical beach, a cloudy sky or a beautiful watercolour painting? You have plenty of choice in our webshop with millions of photos. Curtains with patterns are also part of our range. In our collection you will find curtains with geometric motifs, floral patterns, paisley prints and more. Need help? Let us know and we will get to work to find the photo or pattern that perfectly matches your wishes.

Customized ready-made curtains delivered to your home

Have you chosen a photo or pattern for your curtains? Then it's time to determine the finish. Our production team doesn't get to work until after you've placed your order, so your curtains are custom-made and finished according to your wishes. Follow the measuring instructions to determine the correct measurements, choose whether you need blackout or translucent curtains and what colour curtain rings you want. You can even determine the size, direction and colour of the photo or the pattern on the ready-made curtains yourself. Have you set everything up to your liking? Then we get to work preparing your ready-made curtains to measure. The curtains are hemmed and reinforced at the top for extra beautiful drape and are fully finished when delivered to your home. You can immediately hang your ready-made curtains at home with the help of our simple installation instructions.