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  • Curtains add extra character to the room
  • They guarantee privacy and look fantastic on the window
  • Completely custom made
  • Single pleat or ring curtains
  • Transparent, ranslucent, 100% blackout fabric or velvet
  • Razor-sharp details and true-to-life colours
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Custom Curtains - Choose a curtain in your style

Curtains are an important decorative element in your home. Hung by a window they are an undeniable asset. The room immediately gains coziness.

Curtains usually appear in the living room, the most representative room. During the day, they are slid aside to let in sunlight. In the evening, we close them so as to obtain the desired intimacy in the interior. They are useful to effectively shield ourselves from unwanted prying eyes. The curtain should be selected to match the color scheme of the interior. It's up to you to decide whether you opt for curtains in solid colors, with an interesting pattern or timeless curtains with a floral motif.

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Custom Curtains

The curtains are delivered fully finished. They are hemmed and reinforced at the top for a beautiful drape.

Single pleat

These pleated curtains have a single pleat at the top of the curtain. This ensures that the curtain falls beautifully and has a lush appearance. You can easily create this pleat by pulling the cords in the waistband. This way a loose fold will automatically appear.

Suitable for: duplo hooks, shell hooks, curling hooks (not included).

Measuring the width:

The fabric width per curtain is a maximum of 55,1 inch (140cm). If your curtain is wider than 55,1 inch (140cm) per part you wish, we will remake it for you after printing.

A curtain with a width 140 cm (55,1 inch) will be 40 cm (15,74 inch) narrower when hung, due to the pleats.

How to calculate what width to order?

The width you want to cover x 1.4 = the width you need to order.
Example: 100cm (39,37 inch) x 1.4 = 140cm (55,1 inch)

So, if you need a curtain with a width of 100 cm (39,37 inch), order a curtain with a width of 140 cm (55,1 inch).

Measuring the height:

Measure from the curtain rail to the floor or windowsill and subtract 2 cm from this measurement. This prevents the fabric from dragging on the floor.

Curtains measurement instruction

Ring curtains

Ring curtains are curtains with integrated eyelets with a diameter of 4 cm, which slide easily. Choose the color of the rings yourself: satin nickel, black or antique gold. When hung, these curtains have beautiful wavy folds.

Matching hanging system: curtain rod (not included).

Measuring the width:

When hung, this curtain is narrower due to the folds. Please take this into account when specifying the width.

A curtain with a width 140 cm (55,1 inch) will be 20 cm (7,87 inch) narrower when hung, due to the pleats.

How to calculate what width to order?

The width you want to cover is x 1.15 for the correct fabric size.
Example: 100cm (39,37 inch) x 1.15 = 115cm (45,2 inch)
So, if you need a curtain with a width of 100 cm (39,37 inch), order a curtain with a width of 115 cm (45,2 inch).

Rings are placed every 8 centimeters (3,1 inch).

Measuring the height:

Measure from the top of the rod to the floor or windowsill.

Curtains measurement instruction


  • Curtains add extra atmosphere to the room.
  • Translucent or blackout fabric.
  • Intense colours with UV protection against fading.
  • Ultra HD sublimation printing thanks to high-end printers from HP.
  • Razor-sharp details and lifelike colours.
  • Completely custom made.
  • Printed on the inside.
  • Install immediately upon receipt.
  • With a B1 certificate.

Intense colours on curtain

The colours of the photo are the colours of the print thanks to the high-quality printing with high-end printers from HP. The details remain razor sharp and the colours lifelike. In addition, the intense colours of the curtain are protected against fading. This way you can enjoy your personalized window decoration for many years to come.

Easy to install

Curtains are easy to install yourself. Slide the curtains/curtain rings + the supports onto the rod. Place the supports and the curtain rod on the mounting plates. Secure the supports to the mounting plates. Finally: Secure the rod in the supports.

Curtains Marina Port Vell, Barcelona, Spain

Curtains with hexagon pattern

Single pleat or ring curtains

You can choose pleated curtains, wave curtains or ring curtains with a picture or pattern. Which type of curtains to choose depends mainly on your taste and the atmosphere you want to create.

Single pleat

Pleated curtains have a single pleat at the top of the curtain. This ensures that the curtain falls beautifully and has a lush look. You easily put this pleat in by pulling the cords in the band. A loose pleat will appear automatically.

Ring curtains

Ring curtains are curtains with incorporated grommets with a diameter of 4 cm, which slide easily. Choose the color of the rings: satin nickel, black or antique gold. Hung, these curtains get beautiful wavy pleats.

Whatever type of curtains you choose and whatever picture or pattern you go for, we will make your curtains exactly to the size of your windows so that they fit perfectly into your interior.

Ring curtains

Types of curtains

Blackout curtains, room darkening curtains, velvet curtains and sheer curtains are four different types of curtains that each have a specific purpose. In this answer, I will describe each type of curtains so that you can better understand their functions and features.

Sheer curtains / Transparent curtains

Sheer curtains

Sheer curtains are made of a transparent voile fabric. This reduces the view, but not the daylight in the least. You can continue to enjoy all the natural daylight in your home.

Our transparent curtains can be printed with all images from our website or with your own photo to give your home an extra personal touch.

These curtains are ideal in the living room and bedroom or in any other room that you want to decorate with curtains. These curtains are also suitable for placing behind existing blackout curtains.

Room darkening curtains

Room darkening curtains are designed to allow natural light to pass through while providing some privacy. They are ideal for living rooms, dining rooms, kitchen and other common areas where you want to enjoy daylight without anyone being able to see inside.

Room darkening curtains are usually made of lighter, more sheer fabrics than blackout or velor curtains, creating an airy and inviting atmosphere.

They are available in different styles and colours, so that you can match them to your interior and personal taste.

Translucent curtains
Velvet curtains

Velvet curtains

Velvet curtains are made from a luxurious, soft fabric known for its lustrous and rich appearance. The fabric is often associated with elegance and is ideal for creating a stylish and refined atmosphere in your interior.

Velvet curtains are also excellent for improving the acoustics in a room and generally have good insulating properties, so that they can block both heat and cold.

Since velvet is naturally a heavier fabric, these curtains can also have some blackout properties, although they may not be as effective at blocking light as specialty blackout curtains.

Blackout curtains

Blackout curtains are designed to block as much light as possible, making them ideal for bedrooms and other areas where you want to block light.

These curtains are made of heavy and dense fabric. The fabric falls softly and evenly on the floor and the curtains make a big impression on the style of your room.

Our blackout curtains also offer additional benefits such as sound absorption, antibacterial properties, insulation and color and shrink fastness.

Blackout curtains

Curtains Floral seamless

In summary, blackout curtains are ideal for blocking light and creating a calming atmosphere in bedrooms, while also providing other benefits such as sound absorption and insulation.

Velvet curtains are luxurious and elegant, with a soft, glossy appearance that contributes to a sophisticated atmosphere. They can also have some blackout properties and help improve the acoustics and insulation of a room.

Room darkening curtains allow natural light to pass through but provide privacy at the same time, making them suitable for living rooms, dining rooms and other common areas where you want to enjoy daylight without sacrificing privacy. They are made of lighter, translucent fabrics and come in a variety of styles and colors to match your decor.

Curtains with moons and stars

Sheer curtains are made of a transparent fabric that reduces the view but allows you to optimally enjoy the daylight. You can also place them behind existing blackout curtains. Due to the soft fabric, these curtains are ideal for the living room, kitchen and bedroom and give your space a finished look.

Each of these types of curtains has unique features and benefits, and the choice depends on your personal preferences and the specific needs of your home. Consider the function and purpose of each room before deciding which type of curtain is most appropriate.

When choosing curtains, it is also important to take color, texture and style into account, so that they blend seamlessly with your existing interior and contribute to creating the desired atmosphere in your living space.

Custom curtains

Custom curtains are a fantastic way to add more colour and coziness to your interior. Add style to your living room with floor-to-ceiling curtains or add personality to the kitchen with curtains with a pop of colour.

Don't underestimate the power of custom curtains. A few well-chosen custom curtains can give the room an attractive makeover. Match the colour of your curtains to your furniture, or go for contrasting colours to give the room more dynamic.

We take you into the enchanting curtain world, from curtains with patterns to curtains with photos.

Curtains Trendy abstract creative

Curtains with foggy forest

Custom curtains with photo or pattern

Do you like a quirky living style? Show who you are and what you love with photo curtains. Curtains with a photo of a tropical beach, a cloudy sky or a beautiful watercolour painting? You have plenty of choice in our webshop with millions of photos.

Curtains with patterns are also part of our range. In our collection you will find curtains with geometric motifs, floral patterns, paisley prints and more.

Need help? Let us know and we will get to work to find the photo or pattern that perfectly matches your wishes.

Customized ready-made curtains delivered to your home

Have you chosen a photo or pattern for your curtains? Then it's time to determine the finish. Our production team doesn't get to work until after you've placed your order, so your curtains are custom-made and finished according to your wishes.

Follow the measuring instructions to determine the correct measurements, choose whether you need blackout or Room darkening curtain sand what colour curtain rings you want.

Curtains Pop Art girl

You can even determine the size, direction and colour of the photo or the pattern on the ready-made curtains yourself. Have you set everything up to your liking? Then we get to work preparing your ready-made curtains to measure. The curtains are hemmed and reinforced at the top for extra beautiful drape and are fully finished when delivered to your home. You can immediately hang your ready-made curtains at home with the help of our simple installation instructions.

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Curtains Tropical vintage botanical landscape, palm tree, palm leaves, leopard animal floral seamless pattern white background

curtains art deco

The most popular colors for curtains

While trends and preferences may change, there are some classic colors that often remain popular. Here are some of the most popular curtain colors right now:

White curtains: White curtains are timeless and fit well in different interior styles. They provide a fresh and light look and can be easily combined with other colours.

Gray curtains: Gray is a versatile and neutral color that comes in many shades. It goes well with both modern and traditional interiors and can have a calming effect.

Beige curtains: Beige is another popular neutral color for curtains. It is warm and inviting and works well with different color schemes and interior styles.

Curtains with Scottish Highlander

Blue curtains: Blue is a classic color that comes in a variety of shades from light blue to navy blue. It is often associated with peace and serenity and can have a calming effect in a room.

Green curtains: Green is a color that radiates nature and freshness. It is available in different shades such as olive green, emerald green and pastel green. Green curtains can have a calming effect and are suitable for both modern and traditional interiors.

Black curtains: Black curtains can create a stylish and dramatic effect in an interior. They are suitable for modern, industrial or minimalist interiors and can be combined well with other colours.

Keep in mind that color trends can change, so it is always good to take your personal taste and interior style into account when choosing the color of your curtains.

Magical Nursery Curtains

Choosing the perfect theme for the curtains in the nursery is a great way to bring the space to life and inspire your children.

Fairy Forest curtains: Transform the nursery into a magical, enchanted place with fairy forest themed curtains. Think of images of fairies, elves, gnomes and magical creatures dancing between trees and flowers. These enchanting scenes stimulate your children's imagination and sense of adventure.

Curtains with animals forest

Cars curtains: For kids who love cars, trucks and other vehicles, car-themed curtains are a great idea. Choose from classic cars, race cars, fire trucks or even planes and trains to reflect their passion for vehicles. This theme can be easily adapted to your child's age and interests.

Rainbow curtains for Girls: A rainbow theme is a colorful and fun option for girls who love bright and vibrant colors. Curtains with a rainbow design can be combined with pastel colored walls and bedding for a harmonious and energetic atmosphere. Add extra magic by incorporating unicorns, clouds or stars into the design.

Curtains Seamless rainbow pattern

Polka Dot curtains: Polka dot curtains are timeless and playful, and can work in any nursery. Choose from large or small dots and combine them with solid colored walls and furniture. For a more creative look, you can experiment with dots in different colors and sizes.

Cute Animals curtains: Animals are always a popular theme for kids' rooms. Curtains with cute animals such as rabbits, deer, birds or forest animals create a warm and inviting atmosphere. This theme is perfect for both young and older kids who love animals.

The right themed curtains can transform the nursery into an inspiring and cheerful environment that your children will love. Whether you choose a fairytale forest, cars, rainbows, polkadot or cute animals, let your imagination run wild and create a nursery where your children feel at home and can explore their fantasies.

Magical Nursery Curtains