Are you looking for an Framed poster?
Choose out of more than 100 million photos and we will print each motif in your desired size!

  • Choose from 17 different sizes
  • Wooden frame - 3 colors: Black, White, Natural Oak
  • White passe-partout of acid-free museum board
  • Standard supplied with clear / float glass
  • Razor-sharp details and vibrant colors
  • Delivered framed and ready to use
  • Discover our ready-made gallery walls
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Framed posters have several features that make them attractive as decorative elements:
Versatility: Framed posters come in a wide variety of styles, colors, themes and sizes. They can be used to complement any space, be it a bedroom, living room, office or kitchen.

Affordability: Compared to other forms of art, framed posters tend to be more affordable. This makes it possible to have art at home, regardless of your budget.

Aesthetically pleasing: Posters can be beautiful works of art in their own right. When professionally framed, the aesthetic appeal can be increased even further.

Durability: While the durability of a framed poster can vary depending on the material used for the poster and frame, many framed posters can last for years.

Convenience: Most framed posters come ready to hang. This means that you can simply hang them on your wall without having to worry about finding a suitable frame or framing the poster yourself.

Easy to change: If you like variety, a framed poster is a great option. It's easy to replace the poster with another one if you fancy a change, making it easy to update your decor on a regular basis.

Protection: The frame of a framed poster provides protection for the poster from damage such as sunlight, dirt or dust. This can significantly extend the life of the poster.

Professional Look: A framed poster can give a more finished and professional look to your space compared to an unframed poster.

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Framed poster

Framed poster
  • Black wooden frame with shiny float glass.
  • White passe-partout of acid-free museum board.
  • Choose from 20 different sizes, up to 39,3 x 27,5 inch / 100 x 70 cm.
  • With integrated hanging system.
  • Intense colors with UV protection against discoloration.
  • Photorealistic print quality.
  • Razor-sharp details and lifelike colors.
  • Interchangeable poster available separately.

What is a framed poster?

Professionally framed

Have your poster professionally framed in a black wooden frame with glossy float glass. The space between the print and the edge of the frame is filled with a white passe-partout of acid-free museum cardboard. The luxurious look of a framed poster creates a new and cozy atmosphere in your interior.

Framed poster with intense colors

The colors you see, are the colors that are printed. Thanks to a high-quality printing technique, all colors are guaranteed to be retained. In addition, the intense colors of the photo on the poster are protected against discoloration. This way you can enjoy your personalized poster for many years.

Framed poster owl

Framed poster fish eat fish - graffiti

Choice of several sizes

During the ordering process, drag the print area of your photo of your choice and select the desired dimensions of your frame. You can choose from 20 different sizes, from landscape and portrait to square. The maximum size of a framed poster is 39,3 x 27,5 inch / 100 x 70 cm.

Integrated hanging system

The black wooden frame in which your poster will be professionally framed has an integrated hanging system. Order one of the optionally supplied mounting sets to easily attach the framed poster to the wall. You can choose from hooks and plugs, screws and plugs, and an adjustable adhesive nail.

Framed posters: art at an affordable price

It is a misconception that art must cost a lot of money. With a framed poster you can upgrade any interior at a democratic price. Bring your home to life with a life-size black and white portrait or create your own gallery wall by combining several framed images. Whatever style you prefer, we are happy to help you realize your wildest ideas. With a choice of no less than 100 million images and up to 20 sizes, you are sure to find a framed poster that meets all your needs. Prefer your own artwork on the wall? You can also contact us for this. Send us your photo and we will return it beautifully framed. So make sure to free up a space on the wall! Because that eye-catcher you've been looking for for so long will soon be hanging on your wall as a framed poster.

A framed poster gives allure to every room

Does such a poster with a frame appeal to you, but you are not sure what to choose? Then let your decision be determined by the mood you wish to create. A beautiful waterfall or idyllic mountain landscape allow you to completely relax after a busy working day. On the other hand, are you looking for an image that gives you energy? Then bring the vibrant city life inside with a framed poster of your favorite city, such as colourful Rio de Janeiro or imaginative New York. Or why not exotic Bali? With a framed poster of your dream destination you imagine yourself on vacation every day.

A framed poster that matches your personality

A framed poster can also show a piece of your personality. For example, give your favorite hobby or sport a place on the wall with a custom-made poster. Creative person? From a traditional masterpiece to colourful pop art to underground graffiti… art enthusiasts of all walks of life will find something to their liking in our extensive range of framed artistic posters. And who says you have to limit yourself to images? Framed letters and words can also create impact. If you want something lighter, you can also opt for a framed image of your favorite animal. For example, our horse posters have already received a lot of compliments. Or why not a framed poster of your favorite drink above the bar or your favorite dish in the kitchen? Sometimes you don't have to look too far.

Your framed poster delivered to your doorstep

Once you've chosen an image, most of the work is done. Just enter the desired dimensions to order your framed posters and we'll do the rest! We use a black wooden frame and white passe-partout to professionally frame your poster. This way you can attach it to the wall immediately after receipt. Simple right? If you want to change the image after a while, you can simply place a new print in the frame.