Are you looking for a furniture stickers? Choose out of more than 100 million photos and we will print each motif in your desired size!

Furniture stickers made to measure
  • Easy to apply without air bubbles
  • Made to measure
  • Extra provided with a layer of gloss laminate
  • Easy to clean
  • Razor-sharp details and lifelike colors
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Breathe new life into your furniture with our custom furniture stickers. Think of a built-in cupboard, an old bedside table or a damaged writing table. Refresh your furniture and create a new atmosphere in your interior.

In our range you will find millions of high-quality photos. Choose the photo that best suits you and your interior and, for example, match an old sideboard to your modern interior with a sticker with a graphic or abstract print. Or hide the scratches on a writing desk or built-in cupboard with a sticker depicting a vintage world map or a beautiful forest. Determine the composition of your furniture sticker yourself by entering the desired dimensions, choosing the number of parts the sticker consists of and dragging the print area.

Accurately stick the furniture sticker on a perfectly smooth and clean surface and remove air bubbles in no time thanks to the Rapid Air technology. A laminate layer protects the sticker against dirt, water and sunlight. This keeps your furniture sticker and your furniture looking like new. Personalize your furniture with our unique furniture stickers and make your interior ideas come true.

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Furniture stickers

Furniture stickers
  • With a glossy laminate layer.
  • Easy to apply without air bubbles.
  • The intense colors with UV protection against discoloration.
  • High quality thanks to environmentally friendly HP Latex printers.
  • Custom made.
  • Razor-sharp details and lifelike colors.
  • Weather resistant. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Easy to clean.

What is are furniture stickers?

High quality furniture stickers

Our furniture stickers are printed with an environmentally friendly HP Latex printer, which guarantees that the intense colors of the photo are preserved on the sticker. In addition, our furniture stickers are provided with a glossy laminate layer that protects them against external factors such as moisture, scratches and sunlight. Thanks to this protective layer, the stickers are washable with a soft, damp cloth.

Furniture stickers with intense colors

The colors of the photo are the colors that are printed on the sticker. In addition, our furniture stickers are protected against discoloration and are weather resistant. This way you can enjoy the razor-sharp details and vibrant colors of your stickers for many years, indoors as well as outdoors.

Custom made Furniture stickers

Custom made Furniture stickers

Custom made furniture stickers

Personalize your furniture sticker: during the ordering process, drag the print area of the photo of the furniture sticker and determine the size of the sticker by entering the desired dimensions.

Apply without air bubbles

Carefully and gradually remove the foil on the back of the sticker and stick it very accurately to a perfectly smooth and clean surface, such as a cupboard or table. You can remove any air bubbles in an instant thanks to the Rapid Air technology.

Upgrade your interior with a furniture sticker

Tired of your old furniture? Do not throw them away immediately, but give them a new look with a custom furniture sticker. A simple and budget-friendly way to give them a complete different look. Furniture stickers also guarantees you to have an original twist in your interior. With a choice of more than 100 million photos, the chance that your neighbour will have the same furniture is practically impossible.

Wardrobe or table sticker? Order custom made.

Since you can order our furniture stickers completely customized, you can really go in all directions. Hide the scratches on your coffee table with a marble furniture sticker. Give that old desk a second life with a graphic pattern. Pimp your new built-in closet with a lifelike photo sticker of an elephant in the wild. Personalize the fronts of your bathroom cabinets with a floral print. Make your dresser a real eye-catcher. Or create a soothing atmosphere in the bedroom by sticking a furniture sticker of a forest on your wardrobe.

Photo stickers determine the atmosphere of your interior

Match your furniture sticker to the style of your interior or use it to change the look of the room. For example, do you like a modern style? Then continue that straight line with a graphic table sticker. Do you want to create just a little more warmth? Then the wooden look stickers will be a good idea. Would you rather describe your interior as rustic? Go for a furniture sticker that blends effortlessly with the calming character of your interior design or, on the other hand, step out of your comfort zone with a more distinct design.

Print your own photo as a furniture sticker

Have you made a beautiful picture yourself that you would like to see blend in in your interior? Even then furniture stickers can offer the solution. That beautiful sunset on your last family vacation? Have it printed as a cabinet sticker to enjoy it every day. And why not even replace that eternal photo frame on your desk with a table sticker? An original way to keep your darlings close at all times, even during working hours.

How to apply furniture stickers: it can be that simple

You naturally wonder how to apply such a furniture sticker. Well, you have to make sure that the surface is dry and clean. Then you only have to remove the protective film and stick your furniture sticker to the surface. Sounds easy, right? And that is it! Because of the use of the revolutionary Rapid Air technology, you can easily remove any air bubbles afterwards.