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Are you looking for a custom Garden poster?
Then choose from 100 million photos and we will print every garden poster in your desired size!

Garden poster
  • Soft, flexible and very sturdy
  • Custom made in XXL up to 393 in x 61 in / 1 000 cm x 155 cm
  • Razor-sharp details and vibrant colors
  • Durable, high quality and scratch resistance
  • Professional hanging system with rings and tensioners
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  • From 36.92 £

Custom garden poster - Choose a garden poster in your style

Turn your garden or terrace into a cozy place where you can completely relax and experience unforgettable moments with your family and friends. With a custom garden poster you can brighten up a blind garage wall, a stone garden wall or weathered fence quickly and easily.

Choose one of the millions of high-quality photos from our wide range. Personalize your garden poster by dragging the print area and entering the desired dimensions. This way you can design your unique garden cloth with a special waterfall, a beautiful forest, a soothing Buddha or an iconic place such as Cathedral Cove.

Whether you have a city garden, a spacious garden or a cozy terrace, our garden posters look great against any outside wall. And that all year round, because our garden cloths are scratch, water and weather resistant. In addition, the colors of this outdoor decoration are guaranteed to shine for three years. Create a unique atmosphere in your garden or on your terrace with an original custom garden poster.

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Garden poster

Garden poster
  • Soft, flexible and very sturdy material.
  • High quality and scratch resistance.
  • Intense colors with UV protection against discoloration.
  • Ultra HD print thanks to a high-end eight-color printer from SwissQprint.
  • Custom made up to 393 in x 61 in / 1 000 cm x 155 cm.
  • Razor-sharp details and lifelike colors.
  • Weather resistant. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Professional hanging system with rings and tensioners.

What is a garden poster?

Tuinposter van hoge kwaliteit

Our photo garden posters are made with a soft and flexible but very sturdy material. They are resistant to scratches and all kinds of weather conditions, which means they will last for many years. And that both inside and outside.

Durable garden poster with intense colors

The photo of your choice is printed with a high-end eight-color printer from SwissQprint, whereby all colors and details of the photo are guaranteed to be preserved on the durable garden poster. In addition, the intense colors of the garden poster are protected against discoloration, so that you can continue to enjoy your wall decoration for a long time.

Photo garden posters

Garden poster custom made

Custom made garden posters

Have your garden poster custom made. During the ordering process, enter the desired dimensions and drag the print area of the photo to the spot you would like to have printed. Good to know: the maximum size of a personalized garden poster is 393 in x 61 in / 1000 cm x 155 cm

Hanging system with rings and tensioners

A garden poster is easy to hang on the wall with the appropriate rings at 2 cm from the edge of the fabric and the optionally supplied 7,8 inch / 20 cm tensioners. Decide for yourself whether you want a ring in every corner or every 50 cm. Do you opt for a ring every 19,7 inch / 50 cm? We ensure that the rings are nicely distributed in proportion to the size of the canvas. The distance between the rings can therefore vary up to a maximum of 19,7 inch / 50 cm.

Garden posters as the ultimate mood maker

Is the terrace also your favorite place to relax? Go for extra fun with a custom made garden poster. Shake yourself up with a nice glass of wine, put on some music and settle in the lounge corner to enjoy the beautiful view. Opt for a soothing image such as a misty forest or splashing waterfalls, or go for a touch of spirituality with a mystical Buddha. With a personalized garden poster, your blank wall or weathered fence will actually become the showpiece of your garden.

Limit the view with a garden poster

Are those sultry summer evenings wonderful? A good book, a comfortable lounge and a garden poster of your favorite view. You don’t need anything more. With a poster outside you create a personal cozy corner where you can spend hours. To enjoy in the sun during the day or to catch up in the evening around a crackling fire. An additional advantage is that a garden poster also prevents prying eyes. An elegant solution to limit the view into your garden.

Garden poster with waterfalls

Garden poster Amsterdam

Have your garden posters made to measure

Enter the desired dimensions during the ordering process and drag the print area of the nice photo. Good to know: the maximum size of a personalized garden canvas is 393 in x 61 in / 1 000 x 155 cm.

Always a little holiday: order your garden poster

You can determine the size of your garden poster yourself. You can therefore use our garden posters to brighten up a roof terrace or city garden, as well as to cover an entire garage wall. Bring that cozy, southern atmosphere to your home with a garden poster of Italian olive groves or idyllic Greek coastal towns. Invite your friends for a tapas night, chill the drinks and prepare for an inundation of compliments.

Garden posters that can take a beating

Sturdy yet flexible. A poster for outside must be able to take a beating. This also applies to the hanging system with which you want to attach it to the wall. Choose rings in the corners, every 50 cm or order your garden poster without rings. We then deliver your garden poster with the necessary number of tensioners to fix it securely. A quick and easy way to give your balcony, terrace or garden a personal touch. And one that you can also enjoy all year round. Thanks to the UV-resistant ink, we can guarantee that the colors of your garden poster will remain intact for at least three years.

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Garden poster Northern Lights Norway

Garden poster Apulia Italy

A garden poster with your own photo

A garden poster with your own photo is the perfect way to give your garden or outdoor space a personal touch. With this unique and creative solution you can have your favorite photo or image printed in a large format with us and hang it in your garden.

Ordering a garden poster with your own photo is very easy. Just send us your favorite photo and specify the size you want to order. You can also choose the finish and suspension system, so that your garden screen perfectly matches your style and wishes.

Our experience and high-end large format printer guarantee that the quality of the prints is excellent and the materials we use are durable and resistant to various weather conditions. So you can be sure that your garden poster with your own photo will last for years and make your outdoor space even more beautiful.

Whether you want to print a beautiful natural environment, your favorite pet, a landscape or an abstract composition, with a garden poster with your own photo you can let your creativity run wild and show your personality in your garden or balcony.

Order your own garden cloth with your own photo now and give your outdoor space a personal touch that is truly unique!

How many pixels do you need for a beautiful result of your own garden poster?

If you want to print a garden poster with your own photo, it is important to know how many pixels you need for the desired size. The resolution of your photo determines the quality of the end result. To achieve perfect quality, we recommend using at least 1000x1000 px or 150 dpi. If you use more pixels, your own garden poster will be brighter, sharper and more lifelike.

Our quality control ensures that your garden poster photo looks great. So, upload your own photo and we'll take care of the rest!

Garden poster sunset by the sea

Waterfall garden poster

Garden poster Matterhorn mountain

Bring life to your garden, balcony or terrace! How to choose the right garden poster for you, from small to large format

When it comes to decorating your garden, balcony or terrace, nothing brings more life than a beautiful garden poster. Whether you are looking for a small format poster or a large format garden poster, there are certain factors to consider before purchasing. Below we look at how to choose the right garden poster for you - from small to large format - and how to bring your outdoor space to life.

The advantages of large format garden posters for your garden

Are you looking to add a touch of beauty and personality to your garden? Large format garden posters are the perfect way to do that. These gigantic posters for the wall or fences come in all types (square garden posters - rectangular garden posters - panorama garden posters - landscape garden posters - standing garden posters) and are made to measure. From landscapes, animals and abstract designs to your own photos, large format wall art is an easy way to make your garden stand out from the crowd. Not only are these custom posters beautiful, but they also have a number of benefits that make them a great choice for any home.

Small format garden posters – Stylish and affordable ideas for balcony or terrace

Small format garden posters are an excellent way to brighten up your balcony or terrace. They are stylish and affordable and they come in different styles and colors. In our online webshop you can find the perfect outdoor garden posters that suit your space. Whether you're looking for something bold and eye-catching or something subtle, there's bound to be a small format garden poster that's right for you.

Garden poster - an idea for garden decoration

If you are looking for a garden poster for your garden, it depends on what style you want to keep it in.
Possible options are:

A garden print with a flower theme - If you love nature, a flower themed print can be a good choice. It could be a poster with flowers, trees, leaves or any other plants you want to include in your garden.

Garden poster with animals - If you want to add nature-related elements to your garden, an animal themed poster can be a good choice. You can choose a poster with birds, butterflies, bees or other animals.

Garden poster with abstract motifs - If you prefer more modern elements in your garden, a poster with abstract motifs may be suitable. You can choose a poster with abstract shapes, colors or patterns.

Quote motif garden poster - If you want to add a motivating element to your garden, a quote motif poster can be a good choice. You can choose a quote related to nature or a motivational quote that motivates you to take action.

Garden poster with Buddha statue

Garden poster with spring photo

Garden poster with animals - Here to follow a few suggestions for posters for the garden with a animal theme :

Garden poster with a bird theme - the poster can feature many different types of birds that are common in the garden, such as sparrows, tits or blackbirds. Such a poster can be made in natural colors that match the environment.

Butterfly garden poster - butterflies are beautiful, colorful animals that attract attention. A poster with a butterfly motif looks great against a background of flowers or other plants, and colorful butterflies bring life to any garden.

Garden poster with a dog or Garden poster with a cat motif - these animals are often favorites in the household, so a poster with a dog or cat motif will certainly appeal to many people. You can choose a poster with a specific dog or cat breed, or with a variety of animals.

Wildlife garden poster - if you love nature and want to introduce a wildlife theme to your garden, you can choose a wildlife themed poster such as lions, leopards, elephants, zebras, bears, deer or wolves.

Garden print with fish motif - if you have a pond or small water body in your garden, a print with fish motif will suit such an environment. The poster may feature different types of fish that live in the water.

Bring the beauty of nature to your garden with a personalized garden poster

Garden poster waterfall Thailand

A garden poster with a view of the mountains or the forest - such a poster contributes to the space and sense of freedom associated with nature.

Garden poster with flowers or plants - these are beautiful and colorful posters that bring harmony and softness to the garden.

Water themed garden poster - such posters remind us of the beauty of water and its movement, bringing a sense of peace and tranquility to the garden.

Garden print with animal motif - such a print is an excellent choice for animal lovers who want to introduce nature-related elements into their garden.

Garden poster with bird motif - these are beautiful and colorful prints that bring joy and a sense of closeness to nature to the garden.

Garden poster with stone motif - such a poster reminds of the beauty of stones and rocks that can be found in nature. It introduces an element of rawness and solidity to the garden.

Garden poster with forest motif - such a poster is ideal for those who want to evoke in their garden the impressions of peace and tranquility that can be found in the forest.

Garden poster with sky motif - these are beautiful posters that contribute to the impression of space in the garden and the unlimited freedom that one can experience when looking at the sky.

Garden print with sun motif - such a print can be a great addition to your garden, especially if you want to bring a feeling of warmth and energy to your garden. Such a poster with the image of the sun can also introduce a positive atmosphere and add positive emotions to our garden space.

Beach Print Garden Poster - If you are looking for a beach themed print, you are sure to find many different options in our online shop.

A garden poster with a view of a sandy beach with palm trees in the background - such a print will add a bit of exoticism and tropical flair to your garden.

Garden poster with sea waves - such a poster makes you feel like you are sitting by the ocean.

Garden poster printed with the text "Life's a beach" - such a poster is the perfect decoration for your garden to remind you of holiday moments and relaxation.

Marina view garden poster - if you are interested not only in beaches, but also in water sports, such a poster will definitely appeal to you.

Garden poster with surfing - if you are a fan of surfing or want to add a sporty touch to your garden, such a poster is an ideal choice.

Cityscape garden poster - you can find different cityscape posters from all over the world. Choose the cityscape poster that you like best and that matches the style of your garden.

Skyline drawing garden poster - if you prefer a more artistic style, you can find posters with skyline drawings of cities. There are skyline drawing posters in different styles, from simple and minimalistic to more detailed and realistic.

Skyscraper garden poster - if you prefer photos to drawings, you can find many posters with pictures of skyscraper cities. You'll find different types of photos, from panoramas to close-ups of individual skyscrapers.

Woodland garden poster