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Roller blinds without drilling, also known as clamp fix or clampable roller blinds, are specially designed for easy and damage-free installation.

They can be attached directly to the window frame without the need to drill any holes, making them ideal for rental properties or those who are not comfortable using tools. These roller blinds are usually fixed with a clamp or adhesive system and can be adjusted to the dimensions of the window.

  • Made to measure up to 59,06 x 118 inch / 150 x 300 cm
  • Easy installation with clamp mounting
  • Translucent or Blackout fabric
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  • From 47.57 £
Here are some benefits of installing roller blinds without drilling:

No damage to walls: With no-drill blinds, you don't have to make holes in the walls, which means you won't cause permanent damage to your interior.

Easy installation: Installing blinds without drilling is easy and requires no special tools. They come with adhesive strips and clamps that are easy to attach.

Flexibility: You can easily move and reinstall roller blinds without drilling. If you change your mind about the placement or want to move, you can adjust them without any problems. But provided that the width and height of the window are the same.

Customizability: Drill-free roller blinds are available to fit your window. On our webshop you can find photos, patterns and styles, so you can adapt them to your personal preferences and interior.

No residual traces: When you decide to remove the roller blinds, they usually leave no permanent traces. This makes cleaning and any future changes easy.

Suitable for rental properties: If you live in a rental property, roller blinds without drilling are an ideal solution, because you do not have to make permanent changes to the property.

Privacy and light control: No-drill blinds provide privacy and help regulate the amount of natural light entering the room.

In short, no-drill roller blinds offer the advantage of easy installation, flexibility, adaptability and no damage to walls. They are a convenient option for anyone looking to add window treatments without making permanent changes.

How to hang roller blinds without drilling? Watch the video!

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No drill roller blinds

Printed roller blinds
  • Modern window decoration.
  • Translucent or blackout fabric.
  • Intense colors with UV protection against discoloration.
  • Ultra HD print thanks to a high-end eight-color printer from SwissQprint.
  • Razor-sharp details and lifelike colors.
  • Custom made up to 70,86 x 118 inch / 180 x 300 cm.
  • Print on the inside or outside.
  • Easy to assemble yourself.

What is a printed roller blind?

Intense colors on photo roller blind

The colors you see on the photo are the colors that are printed thanks to the high-quality print with a high-end eight-color printer from SwissQprint. Details remain razor-sharp and colors will be lifelike. In addition, the intense colors of the photo on the roller blind are protected against discoloration. This way you can enjoy your personalized window decoration for many years.

Translucent and blackout blinds

Determine the type of fabric for your printed roller blind in function of the space where it will be assembled. Go for a translucent fabric with a white back for rooms where it does not need to be completely dark. And choose a blackout fabric with a grey back for rooms where it needs to be completely dark, such as the bedroom.

Printed roller blinds forest

Printed roller blinds river

Print on the inside or outside

Have the photo printed on the inside or outside of the roller blind according to the effect you want to create. With a print on the inside you can enjoy the print from your interior. A print on the outside, on the other hand, is only visible from the outside. Tip: do you have a business? Then choose a photo roller blind with the logo of your business on the outside. The ideal way to advertise.

Custom made

Our photo blinds are made to measure for your window. Follow the measuring instructions on our website carefully and enter the dimensions during the ordering process. Good to know: the maximum size of a photo roller blind is 70,86 x 118 inch / 180 x 300 cm.

Easy to assemble

Photo blinds are easy to assemble yourself. Decide for yourself how you want to mount your roller blind with photo: as a recess fitting, as a exact fitting or with clamp mounting. Depending on your choice, you will have to follow a different measurement instructions.

Order customized photo blinds

Have you ever thought of photo blinds to decorate your interior? The ideal solution for rooms where there is no more room for a work of art on your walls. Views of the Himalayas, Grand Canyon or African Savannah; anything is possible with a photo roller blind! You choose the view, we print your custom photo blind. Do you prefer a relaxing forest, splashing waterfalls or colorful flowers as a roller blind? Let us know what your wishes are and we will certainly find a suitable photo in our online catalog.

Translucent or blackout photo blinds?

Are you looking for a photo blind to provide your living areas with a little more privacy? Then choose translucent roller blinds. The white back lets in sunlight but keeps out prying eyes. For example, these photo roller blinds are a good choice for the kitchen, living room or bathroom. In short, spaces where you want to limit the view. Blackout blinds are recommended for rooms where it must be completely dark, such as the bedroom. The grey blockout material on the back prevents you from being woken up by the sunlight in the morning. So think carefully in advance which function your photo roller blind should fulfill.

Print on the inside or outside of your photo blind

You can choose to have your photo printed on the inside or outside of your roller blind. Ask yourself on which side the print should be visible. Do you want to admire your photo roller blind from your interior? Then go for a print on the inside. If you choose the translucent variant, the print on your photo blind will also be slightly visible from the outside. Especially when you illuminate your interior at night. With a print on the outside, the photo on your roller blind will only be visible from the outside. This is an interesting option for, for example, restaurants, hairdressers, shops etc. . With a photo blind in the theme of your business, you not only create atmosphere, but passers-by also immediately know what you are offering.

How do I mount my photo roller blind?

Finally, you only have to provide the dimensions of your photo blind. But how do you measure it? Everything depends on the way you want to hang your photo roller blind: on the window frame, in the window frame or with clamp mounting. Select the desired method and use the appropriate measurement instructions to order your custom photo blind. Spread one photo over several blinds? That is also possible! Check the option "multi-part" and choose the number of blinds and the respective widths.

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