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Recess Fitting Khaki - Magic autumn color foggy forest road. Scary dark blue green colored countryside woodland. #138923125

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Written by: Anthea 20-12-2019
Product: Photo Blinds

Found this website by chance but am very glad I did. Our new kitchen blind is superb. It was easy to order and arrived in the specified time. Reasonably well packaged and relatively easy to install. The colours are rich and deep and the picture of 2 baobab trees is perfect. Would definitely recommend.

Written by: Mr D Johnson 23-11-2019
Product: Photo Blinds

Great quality product really pleased.

Written by: Anthony wheeler 21-10-2019
Product: Photo Blinds

Exceptional service and quality. Thank you.

How to measure?

Roller blinds Exact FittingExact Fitting

Choose this option when fitting your blind outside the window recess or when measuring an existing blind.
Measure the width from the left to the right. You decide yourself where the roller blinds starts and ends. Then measure the height from top to bottom, you decide yourself if you want to start at the ceiling or the top of the window.

When measuring outside a recess, we recommend the blind overlaps by at least 70mm at the top and 50mm either side. This will minimize the amount of light that can leak through.

Bracket to bracket
Choose 'bracket to bracket' if you are measuring at the point where your brackets will be mounted or if you measure an existing blind from bracket to bracket, on the outside of the brackets.
Remember the actual fabric of the blind will then be about 35mm narrower than the giving measurements.

For example: you have ordered 160cm wide. The complete roller blind, inclusive mounting brackets will be 160cm, the fabric itself will be 160cm – 35mm = 156,5cm.

Fabric width
Choose 'fabric width' if you are measuring the area you want the fabric to cover or you measure the fabric of an existing blind.
We'll make sure the fabric matches the sizes you enter but be aware that the brackets (complete system) will add approx. 35mm extra to the overall size of your blind.

For example: you have ordered a fabric width of 160cm, the complete roller blind (from bracket to bracket) will be 163,5cm.

Roller blinds Recess Fitting Recess Fitting

Choose this option when fitting your roller blinds printed inside the window recess.

When making your blind, we will make a small deduction of 4mm from the width you have entered. Don't worry though, this is just to ensure your blind fits properly and works perfectly within the recess.

You do not have to make any deductions yourself when measuring. Simply measure your recess, just as it is, using a metal tape measure and we'll make all the necessary deductions for you.

When choosing this option, you will receive the complete system on the dimensions you have entered in the order form.

For example: you have ordered a roller blind 160cm wide, you will receive a roller blind measuring 159,6cm at the far left end of the bracket until the far right end of the bracket. The fabric itself will be 35mm smaller than the entered width.

Roller blinds Clamp mounting Clamp mounting

The width and the height of the glass pane.

Indicate the width and the height of the window. The final width of the roller blind material will be about 4 cm wider than the window itself (2 cm on both sides). The height is calculated so that the entire window will be covered after the roller blind is mounted on the window frame. If you want a different height, please indicate this in the comments box underneath.

The final width of the roller blind, including the entire mechanism, will be about 7.5 cm wider than the window itself. Make sure the material does not cover the latch (check that the distance between the glass and the latch is more than 2 cm).