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Photo on Acrylic



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Photo on Acrylic New York

Photo on Plexiglass

Print on the back of acrylic panels
Perfect finish
Wonderful depth effect
Photographic quality
Vivid colors
UV resistance
Lowest Prices & Fast delivery

Photo on plexiglass
Photo on Acrylic Do you want to have a fantastic photo printed, but not in a customary or conventional way? Why not have it printed on acrylic by Nikkel-art.co.uk. It’s not only a highly unusual method, it looks absolutely brilliant! A stunning photo on acrylic allows you to give any space a fantastic new appearance effortlessly.

We print photos with fantastic quality on the back of acrylic panels; because the photo is protected by acrylic glass, it cannot be damaged. It also means that the colours appear particularly beautifully on the acrylic panel. In addition, this printing technique gives the image more depth. This effect increases with the thickness, and therefore the depth, of the acrylic panel. At Nikkel-art.co.uk, we print using special white ink. This gives an even more beautiful effect that can only be described as incomparable.

Made-to-measure, competitively priced, top quality and up to 250 x 200 cm per panel; Photo on Acrylic by Nikkel-art.co.uk. Printed directly with UV-resistant ink and completely safe for your health. Different panel thicknesses are available, as are different printing methods. However, whatever you choose, you will never be disappointed with the fantastic service and quality you can expect from us.

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XL Parcel *XXXL Parcel *Production timeDelivery times
9.99£ Verzendkosten

Everything is made-to-measure so any size, up to the maximum, is possible.

XL Parcel - 39.99£

Landscape up to 120×80 cm,
Portrait up to 80×120 cm,
Square / Circular format up to 100x100 cm

XXXL Parcel - 119.99£

Landscape up to 200x120 cm,
Portrait up to 120x200 cm,

29.99£ Verzendkosten

Everything is made-to-measure so any size, up to the maximum, is possible.

XL Parcel - 9.99£

Landscape up to 120×80 cm,
Portrait up to 80×120 cm,
Square / Circular format up to 100x100 cm

XXXL Parcel - 29.99£

Landscape up to 200x120 cm,
Portrait up to 120x200 cm,

3-5 working days2 working days
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Hanging system for Photo on acrylic

Photo on acrylic Aluminium back frame
Aluminium back frame
We glue a rectangular aluminium frame to the back of the acrylic. This frame is always invisible when the photo is hung, but means that the photo always hangs level on the wall.
Photo on acrylic with Stainless steel spacers
Stainless steel spacers
These stainless steel spacers were specially developed in conjunction with a clamping system, and mean that no holes have to be drilled. It is only necessary to make holes in the wall to mount the spacers.
Photo on acrylic with Stainless steel spacers with holes
Stainless steel spacers with holes
The stainless steel spacers are designed for the attachment of our wall decorations, and can be with products 3 to 8 mm thick. We will make the holes in the plexiglass for you.
Photo on acrylic Without hanging system
Without hanging system
Photos on plexiglass can be attached directly to the wall. Plexiglas must be glued with adhesive to the mirror. We advise in advance to carry out a test.

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Photo on acrylic - sizes & various thicknesses

Photo on Acrylic We can customise the size of any photo you want printed on acrylic. You can also select the orientation of the photo, where there are, of course, a number of options. For example, you can select portrait or landscape orientation and, in some cases, it is possible to have a photo printed on square-shaped acrylic. If you opt for a square shape, 20 x 20 cm is the smallest possible size. In portrait and landscape orientation, you can select from 20 x 30 cm or 30 x 20 cm. The size of your Acrylic prints is very flexible. You can select any size up to a maximum of 250 x 200 cm.

All our printing is made-to-measure, so any sizes within these limits are possible.

acrylic panels are available in a number of different thicknesses. You may decide to choose the super-fine 3 mm or 3 mm acrylic anti reflective panel, which is the cheapest. Or you can opt for a thicker 5 mm panel. These give an effect of more depth. However, if you are really enthusiastic about this depth effect, we recommend that you choose the 8 mm thick acrylic panel, where this effect really comes into its own. We use state-of-the-art printers in order to deliver the finest quality photos printed on acrylic.

Photographic quality

Photo on Acrylic Photos are printed on acrylic with fantastic photographic quality. Printing is carried out using an eco-friendly pigment which means that the photo can withstand all external agents. It even means that the photo on Plexiglass can be used as an outdoor decorative feature. The acrylic is completely printed, meaning the image covers the whole area from one edge to the other. There are, however, various options for how the acrylic is printed. It can be printed on one side (at the back of the panel), for example, or semi-transparently (without white ink). It all depends on your personal preferences. And we guarantee that you will always be impressed, whichever option you choose!

Photo on Acrylic gloss vs Photo on Acrylic AntiReflex

Photo on Acrylic gloss
Photo on Acrylic gloss
At the printing of your favorite photo on plexiglass, you can choose what kind of plexiglass you want to print your photo on. The first option you have when printing on plexiglass, is that you print your photo on glossy plexiglass. Shiny plexiglass is not bothersome shiny, but bounces off a bit and this way makes the photo even more unique and more striking. Especially if you want to print a color photo on the plexiglass, it is wise to go for shiny plexiglass. Because of the shiny material, where the photo is printed on, the colors of the picture are even more beautiful.
Photo on Acrylic AntiReflex
Photo on Acrylic AntiReflex
Do you prefer a matte finish for your photo on plexiglass, simply choose a photo on plexiglass antireflex. In contrast to the photo on plexiglass gloss, you have with this finish no shine or reflection. This means that you see no shine on the painting and that you will not be derived by a reflection on the picture. Printing a photo on plexiglass anti reflex is always beautiful, but it is generally done in black and white photos. This does not mean, however, that a color photo on plexiglass matte is not pretty, it's very nice but has a different look than a color photo on glossy acrylic glass.

Print on Acrylic

Oce Arizona 460XT We use one of the best UV flatbed printers available, with particularly high photographic print quality, precise positioning and a very large printing area. We print the image or photo on the back of the acrylic panel. This provides beautiful deep colours and protects the image during cleaning. We print from edge to edge, without margins. The maximum size of one panel is 2.00 m x 2.5 m, which effectively means that there are no technical limitations. We print photos on acrylic on one side or semi-transparently.

Worktable size: 3.05 m x 2.50 m

Our large vacuum table means that it is possible to print on a number of large objects (e.g. doors, glass panels, Photo on Aluminium), and also on much smaller objects. In contrast to the hybrid printers which use conveyors, the stationary worktable makes it possible to print with precision on large objects, heavy objects and uneven objects.

Photographic quality
Printing with variable size ink droplet technology (from 4 pl) means that photographic quality prints are obtained.

Borderless printing
The design of the printer means it is possible to print without margins, “from edge to edge".

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