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Aluminium Prints

Are you looking for an Aluminium Prints? Choose out of more than 100 million photos and we will print each motif in your desired size!

Aluminium Prints

Aluminium Prints

Printing on aluminium

Printing on aluminium

Photo printing on brushed aluminium

Photo printing on brushed aluminium

Photo printing on aluminium

Photo printing on aluminium

Aluminium photo prints

Aluminium photo prints

A beautiful matte appearance at the lowest price
Choose from white or brushed aluminum
On your size up to 200 x 140 cm
Vivid colours and UV resistance
Easy to hang with a free hanging system
Choose from 100 million Adobe Stock photos
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Also possible to order as a two-piece, three-piece and four-piece
Production in-house

Take advantage of these benefits

Aluminium Prints by category


Written by: Fletch 20-12-2019
Product: Aluminium Prints

This is our second time ordering with Nikkel-Art and we couldn’t be happier! The metal prints without white gives a unique look that coat he’s the light in all sorts of ways. Can’t wait to get more photos made up soon.

Written by: Val 28-08-2019
Product: Aluminium Prints

I am very happy with my aluminium wall print of an image of my own artwork. The company is at pains to warn that they don’t refund for damage in transit unless a report is made by the courier so when the courier arrived, a confused young driver, I kept him with me while my husband and I unpacked and checked the goods, with our own prewritten complaint, in case it was damaged in the corners. Everything was OK but it was tense! Thanks Nikkel Art.

Written by: Cody Akhurst 29-05-2019
Product: Aluminium Prints

I ordered 10 aluminium prints and were amazing quality. Perfect for my exhibition. There was a bit of an issue with delivery but was soon sorted and they still arrived in time. Would definitely order again!

Types of Aluminium Prints

If you order a photo on aluminium, you can choose from 2 types of aluminium:
Photo on white aluminium and Photo on brushed aluminium

Photo on white aluminiumPhoto on white aluminium

This results in a bright image, the details of which can be clearly seen from any angle. The texture of the photo can actually be felt when rubbed. The choice of aluminium depends on the photo.

Photo on brushed aluminium Photo on brushed aluminium

This gives the white parts of the picture a unique reflective effect. This picture seems to actually come to life. This finish is ideal for black and white photos, because it really enhances the white parts of the photo.

Free hanging system with each photo on aluminium!

Photo on aluminium with free hanging system You will receive a free hanging system with your photo on aluminium. This hanging system consists of a mounting plate for the back of your aluminium panel.

You can use this plate to hang your aluminium panel on the wall, quickly and easily, without the hanging system being visible.

The hanging kit includes two spacers, so your photo is always level and slightly offset from the wall.

Depending on the size of your painting, there may be multiple free installation systems installed by us. You will receive the painting ready to hang.

If you want to paste the painting against the wall you should not choose the free installation system because afterwards the installation system is stuck, it is not removable.

The advantage of our system is that your photo on aluminium can be hung really quickly and easily.

Shipping costs

Shipping CostsProduction timeDelivery times
< 95£ - 6,93£
> 95£ - Free shipping
3-5 working days2 working days