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What our customers say about us

Geoffrey Cutler
By: 23-06-2021

I’m delighted with your Splashback I had a cracked tile in my bathroom which only showed up in time after being newly tiled. Excellent cover up job and decorative. Very easy to fit. Would highly recommend your products. The second splashback I have purchased from you, The first for my kitchen some years ago.. Many thanks.

By: 07-04-2021

Love love love it !!<br /> Brilliant product , brilliant communication and great value. <br /> <br /> Delivery super

Richard S. Augustine
By: 25-09-2020

It took awhile to agree on a design since there are so many to choose from. I obviously made the right choice. Not my wife

By: 03-04-2020

Fantastic...so impressed with speed of delivery, packaging, quality of artwork and ease of installing. A very impressive splash back with a real wow factor!

Art in the bathroom: glass photo splashbacks

A glass splashback is the perfect way to dress up your bathroom. Paintings and picture frames can quickly get in the way and usually cannot withstand the humid bathroom climate. Glass photo splashbacks can be an elegant solution to introduce a dash of art in your bathroom. In a place where relaxation is central, a cozy atmosphere is not a luxury. A glass bathroom splashback provides an instant relaxed mood in which you can completely unwind.

A glass splashback to create atmosphere

A bathroom can easily look chilly. With a photo splashback you say goodbye to that typical clean look for good. We often associate a bathroom with hygiene, so it may not be the first room we will decorate, but with our glass splashbacks we are happy to change your mind. Ultimately, it remains a space in which you spend quite a bit of time every day. A touch of cosiness can't hurt, right?

A photo splashback for your shower, bath or sink

With a photo splashback you can extend that homely atmosphere of the living areas to the bathroom. Imagine how wonderful it is to bathe when you have a view of a deserted beach or a babbling brook. Or decorate the back wall of your walk-in shower with a picture of a paradise waterfall. You actually imagine yourself in a five-star hotel! And why not a glass photo splashback as an eye-catcher behind your sink? The first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing before you go to sleep. A unique decoration piece that also protects your wall against toothpaste stains and water splashes. A photo splashback in your toilet creates a surprise effect when your guests visit the smallest room.

Order your customized bathroom splashback

Do you feel like personalizing your bathroom? With us you can order your customized bathroom photo splashback in just one click. Whatever size or style you are looking for, in our extensive collection you are guaranteed to find a photo that perfectly matches your taste. If you want a truly unique piece, you can of course always have your own photo printed on glass. Provide the desired dimensions and deliver your custom work to your home within a month. You just have to apply it to the wall and your new bathroom is ready!