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Printed kitchen splashbacks - orange and water splash #79721768

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Written by: DIANNE LEWIS 18-04-2019
Product: Glass printing

certainly a splash of colour to my very boring black and white kitchen. Hot chili peppers and floating lemons. well packaged and arrived before due. Top quality printing.

Written by: peter mcmurtary 18-04-2019
Product: Glass printing

just to reiterate everybodys previous comments. Top quality products, delivered quickly, well packaged. 5 star review

Written by: C Coddington 17-04-2019
Product: Glass printing

New splashback. It came impressively packed and protected. The image was lushly coloured and very hi-res. It was everything we hoped it to be. Will look at Nikkel-arts other products.

Fine Art Glass printing

kitchen splashback with print This gives the print sharpness and visual depth, and in practical terms makes it more durable: it does not get scratched and is does not become matte during cleaning.

We print form edge to edge, without margins. The maximum size of 160 cm x 120 cm in one panel effectively means that there are no technical limitations.

Tempered Float glass 6 mm has à light green color, due to the content of iron oxide in the sand.

Tempered glass extra clear 6 mm is an extra clear float glass with a low iron content; It is virtually colorless, and it has no green color like other glass types. Glass panels for the kitchen are 6 mm thick.

We do not use standard sizes:
each product has its own dimension and shape and may include holes cut for switches, sockets or handles. We print glass that is ready to be mounted, irrespective of its shape and thickness.

Measuring and Fitting Instructions

Kitchen splashbacks with print Kitchen splashbacks with print - realization

Measuring instructions:

Measure both the height and width of the desired space on 3 different places (high, medium and low). Always use the smallest size to order your glass panel and abstract 4 mm from (both in height and in width) to ensure that the glass panel fits. Example: the smallest measured size is 120 cm: you give a glass panel size of 120 cm-4 mm = 119.6 cm

Fitting instructions:

This is very easy to achieve with a zigzag figure on the Panel and then 5 cm. from the edge make a framework with non-aggressive mounting kit such as Pattex. Then seal the joints around and you're done!


If you want electrical sockets in your glass plate, then do your order online and send us a drawing per email with the right sizes.