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Your home is more than just a house. Therefore you better choose an interior that really suits you. With self-adhesive photo wall murals you can easily personalize any room in your house.
Browse through our huge database with millions of high-quality photos and select the photo that suits you and your interior. From a vintage world map or beautiful forest to large and small animals. Our database contains the suitable self-adhesive photo wall murals for every style, space and atmosphere. Determine the size your love by entering the dimensions yourself and drag the dotted frame to the place you want to have printed. This wall decoration is guaranteed to fit on your accent wall.
Creating a new look in your living room, kitchen or bedroom has never been easier. Thanks to a self-adhesive layer, you can easily hang this type of photo wall murals on the wall without wall murals glue. In addition, self-adhesive photo wall murals is supplied in strips so that you immediately can start to realize the interior of your dreams.

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Self-adhesive wall murals

Self-adhesive wall murals lavender
  • Self-adhesive photo wall murals is a beautiful, smooth and very sturdy material.
  • Intense matte colors with UV protection against discoloration.
  • It is resistant to scratches.
  • The photo wall murals is non-woven, does not contain PVC and weighs approx. 200 g / m².
  • Fire protection class in accordance with the standard DIN EN 13501-1, B1.
  • No glue required: one side has a self-adhesive layer.
  • Clean with a soft dry cloth if necessary.
  • Easy to hang: remove the foil on the back and stick the wall murals to the wall.
  • Each photo wall murals strip is professionally trimmed and has an 8 mm overlap strip.
  • When the width of the non-woven photo wall murals is, for example, 260 cm, the photo wall murals will consist of two identical parts of 130 cm.
Self-adhesive photo wall murals World map

What is self-adhesive wall murals

High-quality self-adhesive photo wall murals

Our custom made self-adhesive wall murals consists of non-woven material without PVC, weighs 200 g / m² and can, if necessary, be dusted with a soft, dry cloth. This environmentally friendly photo wall murals has a self-adhesive layer on one side of the wall murals. So you don't need glue to decorate your interior with this scratch-resistant photo wall murals with a matte finish.

Intense colors are retained

The colors in the photo are the colors on the photo wall murals. Because thanks to a high-quality printing technique, all colors are guaranteed to be retained on the high-quality wall murals. And that for many years because the intense colors of this wall decoration are protected against discoloration.

Self-adhesive wall mural forest
Self-adhesive wall mural for children's room

Fireproof self-adhesive photo wall murals

Our self-adhesive photo wall murals is produced according to the fire safety standard DIN EN 13501-1 and is fire-retardant. So you have nothing to worry about with this fireproof wall murals in your interior.

Easy to apply without glue

You can easily apply the professionally trimmed self-adhesive photo wall murals to a clean, dust-free and smooth wall. And that without glue. Remove the foil little by little from the self-adhesive layer on the back of the photo wall murals. Glue the wall murals carefully to the wall, taking into account an overlap strip of 8 mm. Work accurately for a professional result.

Custom made self-adhesive wall murals

Custom made self-adhesive photo wall murals, it means that every photo from our database can be made to measure. No matter how small or how big you want the photo wall murals. The only limit is the size of your walls.

When choosing a photo from our huge database, keep in mind that the selected image will be enlarged in proportion to the size of your wall. That means that every element of the photo will be enlarged.

Self-adhesive wall mural mill
Self-adhesive wall mural hexagon

Even the smallest details of the photo must be enlarged and will be clearly visible on your photo wall murals. When choosing a photo, you have to keep in mind that the photo is an enlargement that must be viewed from a suitable distance.

We offer excellent print quality and use the best and ecological materials. The 100 million beautiful photos from our database were taken by professionals. We can guarantee that you will receive a top quality photo. However, we cannot guarantee that the enlarged details on the photo wall murals will maintain its actual size.

What will the shipping costs be?

We offer a free delivery for every order with an amount higher as £95.
If the order will be less then £95, we charge a shipping costs of £9,33.

These prices are only valid for shipments within the mainland of the UK, they are also VAT included.

If the shipment takes place outside the UK or to an Island, we have to check what the shipping cost will be. In that case, you will receive an e-mail concerning the shipping costs that must be paid.

What are the delivery times?

In the chart beneath you can see the delivery times of our products

Product Production time / delivery time
Non-woven Wall Murals 2 working days / 2 working days
Self adhesive Wall Murals 5 working days / 2 working days
Wallpapers 2 working days / 2 working days

Delivery times can be postponed due to the holidays.

All our goods are shipped with great care and in-house with GLS, PostNL, TNT or Fedex.

Delivery time in case you order several different products.
If your order contains multiple products, the delivery time of the product with the longest delivery time applies. For example: photo wallpaper (2 working days) + Kitchen splash back in glass (20 working days) = a delivery time of 20 working days. We do everything we can to produce your order as soon as possible and to prepare it for shipment.

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Ian Florence
Door: 14-12-2020

Very very pleased. Great finish great product great service. Highly recommended A1

George Duncan
Door: 13-03-2019

great quality product at reasonable price. Worth going for the self stick product. Photographic quality of high standard. Had to wait some time for the product,but well worth it. Would certainly recommend.

Self-adhesive photo wall murals, completely custom made

With the self-adhesive photo wall murals, you can change your interior effortlessly. No hassle with glue, paint or wall murals rolls. Remove the protective film and stick your photo wall murals to the wall. It couldn't be easier. With us you not only have an incredibly extensive choice, but you can also order your self-adhesive wall murals completely custom-made. An accent wall or a full wall? You provide the measurements, we deliver a high-quality print. Do you want to design a self-adhesive wall murals with your own photo? That’s possible! You can easily upload the photo you want to our website to get started.

This is how you apply self-adhesive photo wall murals

Make sure the wall is clean, smooth and dry before applying your self-adhesive wall murals. Otherwise, your self-adhesive photo wall murals could come off after a while. It is also best to get rid of holes and irregularities, because they will remain visible. You can then apply the photo wall murals by carefully removing a piece of the protective film. Ask a friend to help you with this. While you are gluing the wall murals to the wall, the other person can smooth the wall murals with a felt trowel by removing the air bubbles under the foil along the side. Then remove another piece of protective film while pulling the self-adhesive photo wall murals tight and repeat the above procedure. If you order a large size, your self-adhesive photo wall murals will be delivered in several strips. In that case, you have to take into account an overlap of 8 mm. Always start on the left and make sure that the print fits nicely.

Self-adhesive wall murals for any style

Whatever room you wish to personalize, we help you to decorate it in a unique way. From kitchen to playroom, our self-adhesive photo wall murals turns that accent wall into a real eye-catcher. Determine the atmosphere you wish to create and choose from our huge selection of self-adhesive wall murals. Do you like an authentic look? Self-adhesive brick wall murals is a real classic. Thanks to the razor-sharp print, the print also appears very realistic. Are you looking for a photo that matches your Scandinavian style? Then our self-adhesive marble wall murals is undoubtedly for you. Luxurious, relaxing and completely on trend. Self-adhesive cork wall murals is also doing very well these days. The ideal choice for those who love natural materials and a serene look. Whichever self-adhesive photo wall murals you choose, we certainly have an option that fully matches your style and personality.

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