Unleash your creativity and pimp your interior with removable and contour-cut stickers. Mix and match your favorite stickers and stick them on any smooth surface. From walls, doors, windows and cabinets to your laptop and refrigerator. Contour-cut stickers are the ideal wall decoration for those who do not want to bring out a paint brush or wallpaper table, hide damage to furniture, or want to create a new, personal look in the interior.

Choose the contour-cut stickers that suit you best from our wide range. Select a full set or customize the print area for a sticker of your choice. You determine the dimensions yourself by entering the desired size. Do you opt for a full set? The size you enter is the size of the sticker sheet from which your stickers are cut. The stickers themselves are therefore smaller and have a white border of 3 mm so that all details are preserved.

Decorate the nursery with colorful contour-cut stickers of dragons, unicorns, monkeys, ... And brighten up your living room, kitchen or bedroom with stickers of tropical plants, cacti or vintage designs. Choose a perfectly smooth and clean surface and carefully peel off the foil from the back of the sticker. Stick the sticker on a bookshelf, headboard, bedside table or skylight and easily remove the air bubbles thanks to Rapid Air technology. Personalizing your interior with bubble-free stickers has never been easier.

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Production time: 4-5 workdays

Contour cut stickers

Contour cut stickers
  • Ideal decoration to personalize the wall, laptop, cabinet, refrigerator, etc.
  • Removable and contour cut.
  • White border of 3 mm along the contours of the design.
  • Intense colors with UV protection against discoloration.
  • High quality thanks to environmentally friendly HP Latex printers.
  • Custom made.
  • In all shapes and sizes. Per piece or per set.
  • Razor-sharp details and lifelike colors.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to apply without air bubbles.

What are contour cut stickers?

Removable contour cut stickers

Would you like to personalize walls, laptops, cabinets, refrigerators, etc. quickly and easily? You can with our contour-cut stickers. Contour cut stickers are easy to apply and remove. This way you can create a new atmosphere in your interior in no time.

White border of 3 mm

Our contour cut stickers are printed with an environmentally friendly HP Latex printer and have a matte appearance. A white border of 3 mm is provided along the contours of the design, so that even the smallest details are preserved.

Contour cut stickers on size

Contour cut stickers on size

Contour cut stickers with intense colors

The colors of the photo are guaranteed to be retained on the sticker and are protected against discoloration. This way you can enjoy your contour-cut stickers with razor-sharp details and intense colors for many years.

Contour cut stickers in all shapes and sizes

Contour cut stickers are available in all shapes and sizes. Determine the number of stickers yourself during the ordering process. You do this by selecting a complete set or a specific sticker from a set. Drag the print area and enter the desired dimensions to design a custom made contour cut sticker. Take into account a white border of 3 mm along the contours of the design.

Easy to apply without air bubbles

Always stick the contour cut sticker on a perfectly smooth and clean surface. Carefully remove the foil from the back of the sticker and stick the sticker on a wall, laptop, cupboard, refrigerator, etc. Thanks to the Rapid Air technology you can remove any air bubbles in an instant.

Wall stickers

Brightening up your walls without even a lick of paint? You can with our contour-cut stickers! The cheerful colours and figures of our wall stickers, for example, look great in the nursery. Your little one will feel right at home. Pink clouds or cute bunnies as a wall sticker for a girl's room, crazy monkeys or cool rockets as a wall sticker for a boy's room... in our extensive photo library you will find a contour cut sticker for every child's room.

Furniture stickers

You can decorate not only walls, but also cupboards with personalized stickers. For example, think of kitchen cabinets, bookshelves, bedside tables or why not the headboard of your bed? You can adjust the dimensions of our contour-cut stickers to your liking, so you will find a suitable furniture sticker for every spot.

Bathroom stickers

Our contour-cut stickers are water-resistant, so feel free to have fun with them in the bathroom. On the cupboards, behind the sink, on the mirror or shower wall… stick our bathroom stickers wherever you want. Don't worry about dirt or water splashes; you can easily remove them with a soft, damp cloth.

Fridge stickers

Say goodbye to those magnets! Fridge stickers are the new thing. They take up no space, are easy to clean and can be easily detached when you need something new. One large refrigerator sticker or a full sticker set? Transform the look of your kitchen in a sec with our contour-cut stickers.

Laptop stickers

Laptops are almost a piece of furniture in our living rooms these days. Then why not give them as much attention as the rest of your interior? Personalize your laptop cover with a contour-cut sticker and be happy every time you open it. Gift tip: students absolutely love laptop stickers. Idea for an upcoming birthday?

Car stickers

Our contour-cut stickers are weatherproof, so feel free to look beyond your interior. For example, contour-cut stickers are a fun way to personalize your car. Stick a car sticker of your hobby, favorite animal or favorite music band on the rear window; the kids will love it!