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Are you looking for a tablecloth? Then choose from 100 million photos and patterns and we will print your tablecloth in the size you need!

  • Decorative table protection
  • Completely custom made
  • Finished with hemmed edges
  • Printed on 100% recycled polyester fabric with glossy finish
  • Razor-sharp details and true-to-life colours
  • Shipping from Wednesday 24-04-2024
  • Enjoy 25% OFF (already deducted)
  • From 27 £
Having trouble finding a nice tablecloth to fit your table? Do you need a tablecloth that is both durable and affordable? Look no further, because we have the perfect tablecloth for you. Our tablecloths are 100% recycled polyester, available in millions of patterns, images and colours, fit on any table and are machine washable!

Tablecloths are a necessity to complete your dining table, whether it's for breakfast with children or for a luxury event. It is important to choose a tablecloth that not only fits the size of the table, but also fits well with your interior. Our tablecloths come in millions of colors and patterns and will leave your guests speechless.

Personalizing your tablecloth is easier than ever! There are many different styles of tablecloths and there are so many different ways to customize them. Choose the photo or pattern, the pattern repeat and measurements to the nearest cm so that the tablecloth fits perfectly with your interior style or event.

Select a pattern or image, or upload a photo you have. Your tablecloth is made of durable, high-quality fabric that is 100% recycled and is perfect for any dinner, large or small. We have a wide variety of colors, photos and patterns to choose from, so you can perfectly match any event and living style! Order your new tablecloth easily online and have it shipped to your home!

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  • The perfect finishing touch for your festive occasions and everyday family meals
  • Printed on 100% premium polyester fabric with glossy finish
  • Choose from 100 million different photos and patterns or upload your own photo and adjust it for an even more personal look
  • Single sided print with high quality and eco-friendly print quality
  • Perfectly finished with hemmed edges
  • Made exactly for you down to the centimeter. Maximum width: 150 cm. Maximum length: up to 11,5 meters long!
  • Washable at 30°C and durable for everyday use

What is a tablecloth

Tablecloth with photo or pattern

Your tablecloth is custom made and personalized with a photo or pattern. Choose from millions of professional photos and trendy patterns in different styles and colors in our online range, or upload your own photo or pattern to print on a tablecloth and make your tablecloth perfect. Easily adjust the colors of the photo or pattern, the size of the pattern or the framing of the photo for an even more personal look. With so many options available, there is a tablecloth for every occasion.

Single-sided print with intensely radiant colors

The tablecloth is printed on one side. The colors of the print on the tablecloth are exactly the same colors of the photo or pattern thanks to the high-quality print with high-end printers from HP. The result: a beautiful print with razor-sharp details and lifelike colors. In addition, the intense colors of the curtain are protected against fading. So the printed photo or pattern will not fade or peel off. This way you can enjoy your personalized tablecloth for many years to come.

Made-to-measure tablecloth


Made-to-measure tablecloth: accurate to the cm

Because every table is unique, we cut the tablecloth to size especially for you. When ordering, you can enter the correct dimensions down to the cm and design the tablecloth that fits exactly on your table. The length of the shortest side is maximum 150 cm, but everything else is up to you!

High quality polyester fabric

All tablecloths are made of 100% recycled premium fabric that is delivered to your home as a perfectly finished tablecloth. The fabric is easy to wash in the washing machine at 30°C. So don't worry if you make stains, because you can easily clean your tablecloth in the washing machine

Selective focus

A photo can be taken with the selective focus photo technique, also known as portrait mode. Certain parts of a photo are thus brought into sharper focus. The other parts of the photo are seen as a background, making them less sharp, they are also printed as such. This is not a printing error as the original photo was taken with this photo technique.

The perfect tablecloth for every occasion

No table styling is complete without a beautiful tablecloth. For some, a tablecloth is just a cloth. For others it is the perfect way to complete the decoration of their table. Our range of custom tablecloths come in all kinds of styles to suit your needs.

Whether you want an elegant tablecloth for formal occasions or a trendy patterned tablecloth for everyday use, we have it all. There are so many different tablecloth options, there is bound to be something that perfectly suits your preference and occasion.

table cover

A tablecloth as a practical protection for your table

table covers

You don't just buy a tablecloth to give your table more style. Tablecloths are beautiful and practical decorative pieces that can also serve as a protective barrier to protect your table from inevitable spills, stains and scratches.

This way, table linen contributes to the durability of your table. Do your children feel like doing crafts or painting at the table? Or are food or drinks spilled? Don't worry, because your cloth protects your table against stains and keeps your table nice and clean.

A custom tablecloth that fits perfectly on your table

Do you want a tablecloth that fits perfectly on your table? Then you have come to the right place with us! Nikkel Art doesn’t offer a limited range of tablecloths in just a few different sizes, but cuts the tablecloth to size especially for you, down to the cm! This way you have a nice square or rectangular tablecloth that fits the size of your table perfectly. Are you looking for a small square tablecloth for your coffee table or a nice table runner for your kitchen table? Or maybe you are looking for an XXL rectangular tablecloth for the gigantic long dining table? In our range you will find tablecloths of 150 cm wide and up to 1150 cm (11.5 m) long. You can easily enter the measurements of your tablecloth during the ordering process.

A beautiful tablecloth for every interior style

It does not matter which interior style you like, in our wide Nikkel Art range you will certainly find a tablecloth that fits exactly in your interior. Choose from millions of beautiful unique prints online in different styles and color tones. Do you want a trendy tablecloth with a hip plant pattern, or do you prefer tablecloths with pink floral prints? Whatever you are looking for, the extensive pattern range certainly has what you need. If you are looking for a unique tablecloth to dress your table, you can also choose a photo or image to print on your tablecloth.

A tablecloth personalized to your wishes

We do not stock ready-made tablecloths, but only start producing your tablecloth after you have placed your order. This has the advantage that you can have your tablecloth custom-made down to the centimeter and fully personalize it to your liking. Do you want to change the size of the pattern, prefer the print in black and white or want to adjust the framing of the photo? Everything is possible. If you want to make it even more personal, you can also upload your own photo or image and have it printed on a custom tablecloth. Not only nice for yourself, but also very nice as a gift!

The perfect tablecloth for your next party

Want to set your table for a party? Then the styling of your table deserves extra attention. With us you will find the perfect tablecloth to give your wedding, birthday or garden party more style. From a stylish beige tablecloth to a table runner with a linen look. But also if you are looking for a beautiful tablecloth for the holidays, you have come to the right place. Browse through the different collections and discover fun tablecloths with cheerful patterns for your Easter brunch, but also beautiful tablecloths with stylish designs for your Christmas dinner. With our custom tablecloths you can fully enjoy the party and give your guests the feeling that they are in their favorite restaurant!

Mix and match your tablecloth with our other textile products

Do you want to complete your dining room interior? Then combine your tablecloth with stylish decorative cushions, custom curtains or one of our other textile products. We make all our textile products to size down to the centimeter and you can personalize them according to your wishes. Combine textile products in different patterns such as a tablecloth with flowers, curtains with a plant pattern and decorative cushions with a pink print for a cheerful and lively interior. Or go for textile products in the same pattern to have everything matching nicely.

The many benefits of ordering a tablecloth online

Want to buy table linen that exactly matches your interior? You can easily do that online from your lazy chair! Buying your tablecloth through our website has many advantages. You don't have to go to the store, and if you have a practical question you can contact us every working day by phone or 24/7 by email. Order your personalized custom tablecloth today! We ship your new tablecloth within 8 working days and deliver the tablecloth to your front door.