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Your interior is a reflection of who you are and what you do. So create an interior that really suits you. With our custom matte wall stickers you give any room a unique atmosphere. And that without having to bring out a paint brush or wallpaper table.

Find inspiration in our wide range of millions of high-quality photos and choose the photo that best suits you and your interior. From a soothing landscape or beautiful forest to wildlife, colorful flowers or iconic places like Brooklyn Bridge. You will find the suitable wall sticker for every style and every atmosphere. You determine the dimensions yourself by entering the desired size and dragging the print area. This is how you create the interior of your dreams in your home or business.

Stick the scratch-resistant wall sticker on a clean, degreased and flat wall in a non-humid area such as a living room, bedroom, entrance hall, retail space or office. Unleash your creativity and decorate your walls with our personalized wall stickers.

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Production time: 4-5 workdays

Wall stickers

Wall stickers
  • Ideal decoration to bring more atmosphere into your home.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Intense colors with UV protection against discoloration.
  • High quality thanks to environmentally friendly HP Latex printers.
  • Custom made.
  • Razor-sharp details and lifelike colors.
  • Suitable for indoors.
  • Easy to clean.

What are wall stickers?

High quality wall stickers

With our high-quality wall stickers you can easily bring a new atmosphere into your interior. Our wall stickers with razor-sharp details and lifelike colors are printed with an environmentally friendly HP Latex printer and, if necessary, are easy to clean with a soft, dry cloth.

Wall stickers with intense colors

The intense colors of the photo are guaranteed to be retained on the wall sticker and are protected against discoloration. This way you can enjoy your personalized wall sticker with vibrant colors for many years.

Custom made Wall stickers

Custom made Wall stickers

Custom made wall stickers

Design a wall sticker custom made to your interior ideas. During the ordering process, determine the size of the wall sticker by dragging the print area of the photo to the exact spot you want to have printed and enter the desired dimensions. Do you want to decorate a large wall surface? Then choose our (self-adhesive) photo wallpaper.

Simply stick to the wall

Our wall stickers are easy to apply to a perfectly smooth and clean wall. Carefully and gradually remove the foil on the back of the sticker. Stick the sticker accurately against a dust-free wall for a guaranteed professional result.

Everything you need to know about our wall stickers

Wall stickers are the ideal solution for those who want to give their interior a new look without having to use paint brushes or wallpaper glue. Be inspired by the ideas on our website and then look for a wall sticker that suits you completely. Want to get started? Read our answers to the most frequently asked questions about wall stickers below.

In which sizes are your wall stickers available?

We do not work with standard formats; You can determine the dimensions of your wall sticker yourself. The self-adhesive material is maximum 100 cm wide. The length depends on your chosen photo and is therefore practically unlimited. Would you like a larger wall sticker? No problem. We deliver your wall stickers in different pieces.

Can you stick a wall sticker on any wall?

Wall stickers should always be applied to a smooth wall. We recommend to smooth out any irregularities, otherwise they will remain visible afterwards. To prevent your sticker from coming off after a while, you should check that the wall is clean and dry before you apply the wall sticker.

How do I place a wall sticker?

With a little help it is very easy to apply your wall sticker. Remove the protective film piece by piece and ask a friend to smooth out any air bubbles using a felt scraper while you stick the sticker to the wall. If your wall sticker consists of different parts, you should take into account an overlap of 8 mm. Always start on the left side so that the print fits nicely.

Do the colours of my wall sticker fade in the sun?

No! Because we use UV-resistant ink, the colours of your wall sticker will shine just as intensely years later. You can therefore simply hang your wall sticker in places where direct sunlight enters as well.

Can I order my own photo on a wall sticker?

We have a very extensive photo library with quality images from top photographers and professional designers. Football wall stickers for your son, a horse wall sticker for your teenage daughter or a 3D wall sticker for yourself? Everyone will find what they want in our online catalogue. However, if you prefer to have your own photo printed on a wall sticker, that is of course possible as well.