Are you looking for a window stickers?
Then choose from 100 million photos and we will print every window sticker in your desired size!

Window stickers made to measure
  • Easy to apply without air bubbles
  • Made to measure
  • Extra provided with a layer of gloss laminate
  • Blackout window film
  • Razor-sharp details and lifelike colors
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Custom window stickers - Choose a window sticker in your style

Opt for a decorative sticker with glass laminate that covers all or part of the window to reduce visibility or keep out sunlight. Our window stickers are also an original and decorative solution in office buildings, hospitals, schools and restaurants.

Select the photo that best suits you and your interior from our wide range of millions of high-quality images. Drag the print area and enter the desired dimensions. No matter how big or how small your window may be, there is a window sticker for every window and every room.

Decorate the windows of your living room, kitchen or bedroom with a window sticker depicting a beautiful forest, an exotic island or an iconic skyline like that of New York. Or go for a window sticker with colorful flowers, fairytale characters or wild animals.

Our window stickers can be applied to both the inside and outside of a clean window. And that without air bubbles thanks to the Rapid-Air technology. A laminate layer protects the window sticker against dirt, water and sunlight so that it continues to look like new. Let your creativity run wild and make your interior dreams come true with our window stickers.

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Window stickers

Window stickers
  • Blackout window film.
  • With a glossy protective layer.
  • Easy to apply without air bubbles.
  • Intense colors with UV protection against discoloration.
  • High quality thanks to environmentally friendly HP Latex printers.
  • Custom made.
  • Razor-sharp details and lifelike colors.
  • Weather resistant. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Easy to clean.

What are window stickers?

High quality window stickers

Our window stickers are printed with an environmentally friendly HP Latex printer and have a layer of gloss laminate that protects the sticker against external factors such as moisture, scratches and sunlight. Thanks to this protective layer, these stickers are also washable with a soft, damp cloth.

Window stickers with intense colors

The intense colors of the photo are guaranteed to be retained on the sticker. Moreover, the sticker is protected against discoloration, so that you can enjoy the razor-sharp details and vibrant colors of your window sticker for many years to come.

Custom made Window stickers

Custom made Window stickers

Blackout window film

Sticker with a withe layer on the back so that the colors are emphasized and prying eyes are kept out.

Custom made

All windows are different. Therefore, determine the dimensions of your window sticker yourself. During the ordering process, enter the desired dimensions and drag the print area of the photo to the spot you want to have printed.

Easy to apply without air bubbles

Our window stickers with a white layer are easy to apply to a clean window. And that without air bubbles thanks to the Rapid-Air technology. Before sticking, carefully and gradually remove the foil on the back of the sticker. Be very precise for the best result.

Why window stickers are an added value for your interior

One interior is not the other. That is why you can completely determine the dimensions of your window sticker with us. Thanks to the built-in micro air channels, you can easily apply our stickers without creating air bubbles. Choose from translucent or opaque window stickers.

Window stickers add extra atmosphere to your interior

When decorating your home, you may not immediately think of window stickers, but they can still be very decisive for the atmosphere in your interior. In contrast to vases, plants or other decorations, they are also never in the way. Window stickers are an easy and affordable way to personalize your home.

Window stickers for privacy

Window stickers are an elegant solution to limit the view into your home. Think, for example, of the bathroom or rooms on the street side where some privacy is desired. Do you only want to block prying eyes, but not the sunlight? Then opt for translucent window stickers.

Window stickers hide stains, cracks or scratches

Playing children, enthusiastic pets… a scratch on your window is easily made. You can conveniently camouflage such damage with a window sticker. Our window stickers can take a beating: an extra laminate layer protects them against dirt, moisture, sunlight and scratches so that they continue to shine like new for years.

Window stickers are child-friendly

Window stickers are not only beautiful, they are also useful for protecting children running around or unsuspecting birds from unfriendly collisions. If your window sticker still gets dirty, you can easily clean it with a damp cloth.

Window stickers advertise your business

Finally, window stickers are also an ideal way to put your business in the spotlight. Print them with the logo or name of your store, or go for a style that invites passers-by to come in. Our window stickers are also weather resistant, so you can also stick them on the outside of your windows.

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