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Textile frame prints

Textile frame prints Scottish Highlander
  • Print on a textile fabric.
  • Matte appearance and textile structure.
  • Stretched on an aluminium frame.
  • Ultra HD sublimation printing thanks to a high-end printer from HP.
  • The intense colors with UV protection against discoloration.
  • Precisely custom made to your size up to 47,2 in x 31,5 in / 120 cm x 80 cm.
  • Razor-sharp details and lifelike colors.
  • Exchangeable textile fabric available separately.
  • Easy to hang.

What is a textile frame prints?

High-quality print on textile fabric

Our photos on textile frame are printed on a high-quality textile fabric with a professional high-end eight-color printer from swissQprint. The ultra HD print on a translucent fabric is then stretched on a frame of galvanized aluminium. Between the edge of the fabric and that of the frame there is an empty space of 2 mm that creates a unique shadow effect.

Intense colors and matte appearance

The colors of the photo are guaranteed to be retained on the print. The intense colors of a Textile frame prints are also protected against discoloration, so that you can enjoy your wall decoration for many years to come. The matte appearance and the structure of the fabric make your photo on a textile frame a unique eye-catcher in your interior.

Textile frame prints graffiti

Textile frame prints horses

Custom made textile frame prints

Determine the size of your textile frame prints during the ordering process. You do this by entering the desired dimensions and you can drag the print area of the photo to the exact place you like to have printed. The maximum size of wall decoration on textile frame is 200 x 140 cm. You simply hang the textile frame on the wall with hooks and plugs or screws and plugs that are optionally included.

Available separately

With a Textile frame prints you can easily adjust your wall decoration. The textile fabric, which is stretched in a suitable aluminium frame, can easily be replaced by another one of the same dimensions. This way you can create a new atmosphere in your interior or business in no time. Tip: place LED lights behind the frame for a special effect.

Print a photo of your choice on textile

You want something new on the wall, but you think canvas is outdated? Then go for a photo on a textile frame. We print the photo of your choice on a high-quality textile fabric and then stretch it in an aluminium frame. A photo on a textile frame is an original way to decorate your walls and can also easily be adjusted afterwards if your interior is ready for a breath of fresh air. You can also order our textile fabrics separately so that you can alternate them as desired.

Order a custom-made textile frame

You can have your photo printed on textile frame at any size. As a result, you will always find a textile print that meets all your wishes. Thanks to this sizing service, you can also experiment with different sizes. Have a textile frame printed with your favourite photos and create a unique gallery wall full of memories. Due to the competitive prices, our textile frames are also ideal as a gift.

Light up your textile frame for extra atmosphere

Your photo on a textile frame is printed on a translucent fabric, with an empty space of about 2 cm behind, that creates a unique shadow effect. Would you like it a little more special? Then place a series of LED lights in the opening behind the textile fabric to illuminate your artwork from the back. An original way to create extra atmosphere in your business or interior.

Photos on textile of the highest quality

Our high-quality materials and state-of-the-art printer guarantee that your photo will be printed on textile in the very best quality. The intense colours and realistic details of the chosen photo are retained, even if you have it printed in an extra-large format. The matt structure of the textile fabric also gives your artwork a timeless look that suits any interior style. Select an appropriate image from our extensive photo database or upload your own photo for a truly unique piece.