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3 x colorful wall murals for an original accent wall


Did you know that wall murals can give your living room a great atmosphere? You create a completely new space in your home with a colorful photo wallpaper. This way you get the bedroom, living room, kitchen or study of your dreams! Thanks to photo wallpaper you not only have to spend a little money for a makeover, but you also get a lot in return. You can choose from dozens of types of photo wallpaper for an original accent wall. And here you can already get some inspiration! Here you will find 3 x colorful wall muralsfor an original accent wall.

Fotobehang met Patroon

Wall Mural Pattern

Special patterns

Patterns are common when it comes to wall murals. This is an image or design that repeats itself. This creates a special atmosphere in the relevant space and you also get the desired result: a striking and colorful look. You can choose from a variety of patterns; in various shapes and sizes. Think of tight patterns or more playful patterns: you can go either way! You also have a lot of options when it comes to colors. This way you can create a colorful space and enjoy a unique photo wall every day.

Fotobehang met Bloemen

Wall Mural Flowers

Sea of ​​flowers on the wall

Many people nowadays choose different types of wallpaper or a combination of wallpaper and wall paint. This way a wall in the living room or bedroom becomes a neutral, calm color. You can then decorate an accent wall with a more present photo wallpaper. You have a choice of many beautiful prints with flowers. Think of colorful flower fields or an artificial wallpaper with a flower pattern. You also have many options in terms of color: which color would you like to bring out? Blue, green, beige, white or a more bright color? Discover the many options and opt for a full sea of ​​flowers on the wall!

Fotobehang Fruit

Wall Mural FRUIT

A fruity wallpaper

Finally, fruit and other objects are also possible when it comes to colorful photo wallpaper for an original accent wall. There are plenty of options: illustrated watermelons, pumpkins or strawberries. But also really photographed fruits. For example, how about a fruit photo wallpaper on an accent wall in the kitchen. Original and affordable! Or how about a photo wallpaper with donuts or another delicacy for the kitchen? The options for a unique photo wallpaper on an accent wall are endless. Is your favorite photo wallpaper also there?

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