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VIDEO: Create your own personalized photo gift


Christmas is coming and not only does that mean that there are cozy days ahead of us, but also that gifts have to be bought again. And what's nicer to give than a beautiful photo that warms our hearts? A photo with meaning is the most beautiful thing there is. Here are five tips for the perfect photo gift for this Christmas season! Do you have a nice memory with a friend, girlfriend or family member, which you captured on image? Then have this photo printed so that this moment can always be relived. You can print the photo on canvas, aluminum, acrylic and more. This keeps this memory alive for years to come while you surprise someone with a unique and moving gift.

2: Group of friends in the photo

Also nice: have a photo of your group of friends printed. There must be a funny or normal photo somewhere that everyone in your group of friends is featured on. For example, that ski trip to Austria or that weekend in the Ardennes. Have the photo printed on a special material such as acrylic prints or aluminum: this way you have a unique gift that will certainly be appreciated.

3: Your family and children on the wall

There is nothing more beautiful than a picture on the wall of your children or the entire family. For Christmas you can also choose a photo with meaning. How about a gift for your parents: a picture of the children on canvas or acrylic that they can hang in the hall or living room? For other family members too, a portrait of the family is always a hit.

4: Pet forever immortalized

Are you looking for a Christmas gift for someone with a great love for his or her pet? Then have a photo of their pet printed and give this special gift for Christmas. You can choose from a variety of materials on which you can have the photo printed!

5: Homemade photo in your home

If you have made a nice photo yourself, it is extra special to give this as a gift. Maybe you once took a beautiful landscape photo or a wonderful moment between two loved ones. You can have this photo printed as a gift for Christmas! This is not only a moving, but also a heartwarming moment. Discover your options for a meaningful photo online.

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